A Mother’s Love: The Ties that Bind Us All in the Same Thread

‘Mother’ is a small word. This word hides all the world’s love, compassion, genuine love, affection, and selfless love. Nothing compares to parents’ love in this world of wants and needs. Comparison of mother to mother herself.

There is no second such sweet word in the dictionary as a mother. One can go under the river, but the depth of the mother’s love cannot be measured. ‘Mother’ is infinite within limits. Like every year, Mother’s Day has come at a time when mothers cry endlessly.

A Mother’s Love

The child gradually becomes a full human being with the mother’s touch. I want to remember the word ‘mother’ every second of 365 days. A mother’s love for her child does not change from the first day to the end of life. Mother is, therefore, incomparable to us; she is unique. But their children often fail to reciprocate that incomparable man. Still, the mother wishes the best for her child as before.

A mother is an integral part of life at every stage, from birth to childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Starting to walk with mother’s hand, seeing the world through other’s eyes, listening to stories, randomly trying to write something for the first time with a pen, sometimes being a little scared and hiding in the chest like a chicken, coming out after a while and seeing the sky again, are plagued with countless memories.

Mother’s Day Special: Honoring the Women Who Raised Us

Only then a child develops. And this is how we grow up daily under our mother’s shadow, and our mothers grow smaller. A mother sacrifices everything for her child’s future, setting a glorious example of sacrifice for welfare.

The child comes out with the mother’s blessing with the promise of building society. And that is probably why the relationship between mother and child is the only uninterested relationship. That is why the status of mothers is kept very high in all religions worldwide. Regardless of religion, caste, or clan, the mother’s status is above all. Even the Lord has stern warnings about the dignity of the mother.

The Pain of Losing a Mother

How much courage and inspiration for a child to have a mother alive in the world is probably felt more after the mother’s loss. A mother is a bank to a child, from which he can borrow as much as he likes, but there is no jail penalty for defaulting on the loan. I never dreamed that I would lose my mother so soon.

Mother’s Day Special: Love Knows No Borders

Recently, I have tried to forget the pain of losing my mother through various activities or chats. Once I go to sleep at night, full of loneliness, I get up and sit down. I started to feel a pain in my chest. Sometimes I can’t accept my mother leaving like this; these memories of my mother constantly make me think, burn, and sigh. The compassionate mother will never return for anything in the world.


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