4 Reasons Why People Don’t Want to Go to the Doctors

Going to the doctor can often feel very scary. The chances are, if you’re going to the doctors, you’re asking about something that’s causing you pain or discomfort. So, it’s not always nice to know the outcome, especially if it isn’t a good one.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began back in 2020, people have stopped going to the doctors quite so frequently as they were told to only visit in emergency circumstances. Now the effects of the pandemic are beginning to fade, more attention is now being given to other illnesses or diseases that have since been neglected whilst the virus unfolded. However, since then, the general public has stopped going to visit their GP as often, harming people’s overall health.

We must get to the bottom of why people aren’t visiting the doctor as this is the only way we’ll help stop illness through prevention. So, here are 4 reasons why people don’t want to go to the doctor.

Fear of the unknown

We’ve all been there, Googling out symptoms to try and determine what our problem is. However, this is having a huge effect on people’s mental well-being as they often read false information that makes them worried and anxious. As a result of this, people aren’t wanting to visit the doctor for fear of a life-changing diagnosis, when this might not be the case at all.

The wait times

It’s no secret that the NHS wait times for treatment have skyrocketed since the pandemic. People are on waiting lists for treatment they really need immediately and are now relying on medical negligence solicitors to help them make a claim. As people don’t want to be tangled up in this chain, they’d rather not visit the doctor despite their condition potentially worsening.


The bottom line is, that no one should feel embarrassed to go to the doctor. It’s a judgment-free zone and each doctor and nurse is there to help. However, it doesn’t stop people from feeling self-conscious. Thanks to this, many people would rather stay at home than visit a GP and feel embarrassed about their condition.

They might not have a doctor

If someone has moved to a new area or isn’t very tech-savvy, it might not be easy to sign up to a local GP. Without the appropriate help, many people will go on without a doctor, limiting the healthcare they have access to.


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