What is Frontend and Backend Web Development?

Welcome to the world of IT! Web development is the process of creating websites and web applications, which consists of many stages. To understand how this works, you need to know what the site consists of and what tools are used to create it. Traditionally, these two areas of development are divided into frontend and backend. In this article, which is called ‘What Is Frontend And Backend Web Development’, you will read how they differ and how they interact with each other. And also, this information will help you choose your direction in the IT field, if you are interested in it. Let’s start from the beginning!

Any website consists of a user and server parts. On a web page, you see text, buttons, panels, images and videos. You can navigate the site, freely explore the content. It is the user part of the site and the result of the frontend developer’s work: visualization, interactivity and interface clarity. You see a beautiful design, highlighted buttons and interesting typography, the site is easy to use. But how does it all work from the inside? The server side, which is hidden from the user, is responsible for the logic, performance and proper functioning of the site. It is created by a backend developer, and can only be managed by the site administrator through a special interface. Any request that the user makes is sent to the server and all the work happens there. The request is processed, filtered, and the response is sent back. Backend development is responsible for ensuring that this process is carried out correctly. Take the example of a computer that everyone uses. You move freely through files and folders, you can delete and change information, add new, do whatever you want. But access to the server side is closed for you. The computer hides folders with system files so that the user does not do something stupid and interfere with its correct operation. Roughly the same thing happens with the site. Only those parts are available to you that do not affect its work. That is, you can use the product, but you don’t have access to the code. The server and user parts are interconnected. And they can give a good result, that is, a clear and functional site, only when they work well. How do they really interact? Your client, aka browser, sends a request to the server. First, it sends to the user’s server – frontend. The frontend server (computer) processes the request, selects the backend server that is currently free, and sends the request to it from the browser. The backend server processes the request, accesses the database, and sends a response to the request back to the frontend server. And the frontend, since it is responsible for the user experience, already displays the response to the request in the form of an HTML page.

Let’s take a closer look at Frontend development and what tools are needed to create the front-end of the site. Now you know that frontend development is responsible for the user part of the site. The main task of the developer is to create a clear interface that will be easy to work with. Frontend is not only design, but also code that helps to interact with the user. The first component is HTML, which is responsible for the content of the site. This is not a programming language, but it will help fill the site with the necessary information and place it in the right parts of the page. The broadest possibilities, including responsive design and animation, are provided by the HTML5 version, which is worth focusing on today. But in order to design a site, to make it pleasant for perception, you need a CSS toolkit, with its help the layout of the visual part of the site is simplified, it has a certain style. And to add interactivity and dynamics, like blinking buttons, you can use JavaScript. JS is a complete programming language used in web development to bring a website to life. Also, developers learn and use frameworks in their work that simplify writing JavaScript code. The framework allows you not to rewrite the code, but to select the appropriate part from the ready-made set.

And now, what about Backend development? To create the server side of the site, you need to master a full-fledged programming language. It can be almost any language, but PHP is the most commonly used language in web development today. It is a general-purpose language, but it is suitable for building websites in most cases. To develop the server side, you need to understand the databases. MySQL database management system will do. How does it work? For example, when you enter a query on a search engine page and press the Enter key, frontend ends and the backend begins. Your request is sent to the Google or Yandex server, where the search algorithms are located. This is where all the “magic” happens. As soon as the information you were looking for appears on the monitor, you return to the frontend zone again. We can say that the server is the same computer, only more powerful. It stores data and responds to user requests. The responsibilities of a backend developer vary greatly from product that he develop. Such a specialist can create and integrate databases, provide security, or customize backup and recovery technologies.

The responsibilities of the backend and front end developer are usually separate, but there are times when a programmer solves problems both on the server side and in the client side. Both types of development involve both technical and creative components. Often there are specialists on the market who feel confident both in the frontend and in the backend web development and can combine them. However, if you want to do web design victoria, you can take help from Sages Marketing. 


Now, from this article ‘What Is Frontend And Backend Web Development’, you know what a website consists of, how the backend differs from the frontend, you know how to distinguish between the user and the server part, and you have a general idea of the basic web development tools and skills required. Hope this information was interesting and useful for you to hire front end developer.

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