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Venus Disappeared Under the Moon’s Shadow, Rare Conjunction in the Skies

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A few days after Venus and Jupiter came close to each other in the sky, the brightest planet in our solar system came close to the Moon. As the two celestial bodies got closer to each other, people all over the world could see the event.

As Venus moved slowly behind the dark edge of the Moon, the two things moved into the same line of sight and lined up. Even though Venus is one of the brightest things in the evening sky, the Moon is nearly 250 times brighter because it is so close to Earth.

“Today is a conjunction, when Venus and the Moon are in close proximity to one another. This is when they will “appear” to be very close to each other from Earth. In reality, they would be in the same line of sight, but they would still be far apart “in a tweet from Astronomical Society India Outreach and Education.Venus disappears behind the Moon

The moon is in its new moon phase, and just over 9% of its surface could be seen. This stage is called the “waxing crescent” phase, and it lasts until about half of the Moon’s surface can be seen.

The beginning of the waxing crescent moon occurs after the New Moon conjunction when the Sun and Earth are on opposing sides of the Moon, and visibility of the Moon is restored after the New Moon conjunction.

Not just Venus will be visible in the evening sky. Five planets will be visible in the sky from Earth at the end of March. Five planets will line up as Earth moves into its equinox on March 25. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will all be in the same place in the sky at the same time. This is a very rare event.Venus disappears behind the Moon

In the last few days of March, all five planets will still be moving around each other. On March 28, you will be able to see them the best.



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