Various Career Paths In The Healthcare

Marching towards the end of high school, a student has thousands of questions about their professional degree. A high school equips us with the superficial knowledge of every field like health, engineering, or computer sciences. When we step into the university, we have to pick a degree that can prepare us for the professional life and a sustainable income. A professional degree plays a vital role in deciding our career pathways and their competency with our skills and knowledge. 

Many career pathways today are booming with jobs. They are looking for potential candidates to fit in—one of the overarching career pathways in the cluster of career and technical education. The healthcare careers are one of those clusters booming at its peak and proliferating. With baby boomers aging and retiring, this career pathway will continue to grow for some time, providing plenty of jobs. Healthcare is an umbrella entailing different paths for people with and without medical education. 

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Health is one of the main apprehensions of every individual. With a changing climate and increased tobacco use, the ratio of illness and diseases is growing instead of going down. People are visiting hospitals to seek medical assistance more frequently today than a decade ago. Many old age people seek ways to treat their deteriorating health, and youngsters are looking for healthy habits. The doctors and nurses are the frontline healthcare providers ensuring the quality of healthcare to every patient. A significant portion of the healthcare industry depends on nurses to maintain health and patient satisfaction.

The following are the career pathways that you can explore and find your perfect fit by analyzing its features and responsibilities. 


According to the Gallop survey, the profession of nursing ranks as the most trustworthy profession. People with a BSN to MSN online program qualification can undoubtedly join this profession. The career pathway of nursing has many opportunities for people interested in looking after people. With a professional degree in nursing, nurses can work as registered nurses or advance nurse practitioners. They can also work with a law firm as a nursing consultant and work in a nursing home. As a registered nurse, a nurse can work in settings other than a hospital. Their career pathway also offers them ample opportunities to learn and enhance their skills by working in different departments within a hospital. 

  • Diagnostic pathways

A doctor often refers us to some diagnostic tests and sends us to the laboratory. The laboratory technician helps a doctor to identify the cause of a disease. A person exploring this career pathway will need to learn the skills and techniques to operate equipment and evaluate the reasons. With keen evaluating and reporting skills, individuals can excel in this career pathway with little guidance and willingness to learn. You can work in the diagnostic path as an EKG technician, helping the doctors to identify the heart-related issues. You can assist in the oncology department as a radiologist technician or work as a dental laboratory assistant.

  • Therapists

Another aspect of joining the healthcare pathway is the therapeutic pathway. It is one of the most widespread tracks concerning the care, treatment, and counseling to maintain a patient’s health over time. People with excellent communication skills and persistence to bear with patients needing extra care are a good fit for this domain. The therapeutic pathway offers careers like an occupational therapist, paramedics, respiratory therapists, certified nurse assistants, and pharmacists. These therapists regularly interact with patients; their immediate problem-solving abilities can help them recover and prevent them from any hazard.  

  • Data analysis and health informatics

The healthcare system also needs management and regulation. People interested in analyzing the medical data, keeping track of reports, and documentation can explore health informatics’s career. This career pathway does not involve any direct patient care but of the managerial tasks. People with degrees other than MBBS or nursing can serve in this domain with their management degrees and analytical skills. You can join as a medical administrative assistant, medical transcriptionist, nurse manager, healthcare administrator, or health information technician. These roles best suit people who have acquired education in health management. 

  • Research and development

The healthcare industry is booming with both discoveries and jobs. The diseases we know and how to treat them entails detailed research and experiments before reaching the patient. A person with exceptional research skills and a detail-oriented approach can help the healthcare industry find means and ways to cure diseases. The careers in research and development involve toxicologists, biomedical engineers, cytotechnologists, and forensic science technicians. These skilled individuals can provide tried and tested methods for assessing medicine, its effectiveness, and its toxic levels. 


The healthcare system is the basic necessity of every country. Government officials try their best to facilitate easy access to healthcare and devise policies for further improvisation. Jobs are abundant for people who are looking to pursue a career in health sciences. The healthcare jobs not only include working in the hospitals but outside the hospital setup as well. Medical education alone has various branches offering different skills and knowledge for individuals to specialize in one particular aspect. We see cardiologists treating heart-related issues only; a phlebotomist takes an interest in analyzing the blood profiles and detecting any disease. A laboratory technician will only be operating one particular kind of machinery. These fields offer a diverse experience, each unique to its area, and pave the way for different career pathways.

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