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“Messi will Win World Cup 2022”: Fan’s Tweet from 2015 Goes Viral

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Argentina footballer Lionel Messi knew he had to perform at the FIFA World Cup 2022 now or never. By winning the most coveted trophy in sports, the footballer made his nation and fans proud. Tweets praising the player’s effort and the team’s victory are trending on Twitter right now. But amid all the tweets, a post from 2015 is also becoming popular. Share, which was tweeted seven years ago, foresaw Messi winning the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

On March 21, 2015, Twitter user José Miguel Polanco sent the tweet. “December 18, 2022. Leo Messi, 34, will win the World Cup and go down in history as the greatest player ever. Observe me again in seven years, “Tweeted he. Unexpectedly, his predictions came true when Argentina, headed by Lionel Messi, defeated France in the championship game.

Polanco’s tweet is becoming quite popular and well-known. People are liking the share in addition to retweeting and doing so on other social networking sites. More than 3.1 lakh people have liked it as of this time.

Look at the tweet:

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