Top Summer Fashion Trends in 2023

What are the fashion trends (and clothing) that will dominate our appearances over the summer months? Most importantly, because there are so many trends, some of which are rather bizarre, which ones are suitable for all women? We have examined the catwalks and, with the assistance of our personal stylist Piluka de Echegaray, describe the most flattering trends and clothing for summer 2023.

1. Mini Skirts

Micro minis were shown in numerous designer shows, most notably Miu Miu, and although we love the notion of increasing hemlines and showing a little leg this summer, we don’t believe skirts so short you can’t sit in them would be popular. The more accessible version of the runway trend—mini skirts that touch mid-thigh to just above the knee—is already making waves and can be worn in a variety of ways. Some wear their minis with matching blazers, some with pleated tennis skirts, and yet others with a traditional denim skirt and casual T-shirt as their summer uniform. Your thigh-baring oyster is the world.

2. Summer Suiting 

Sophistication without being stuffy? Sure, all the way. The summer season’s profusion of suits won’t weigh you down thanks to lighter colour and fabric alternatives. “While dresses are an easy summer go-to,” Grant adds, “suiting is a terrific option that delivers the same head-to-toe style but with a contemporary twist.” If you don’t enjoy wearing suits from head to toe, mix up the look with elegant separates like a white jacket and jeans or cream pants combined with a breezy top.

3. Be Square

I believe that wayfarer or wayfarer-like styles are always appropriate. I still wear my square shape RB3686 by Ray-Ban wayfarers and receive a lot of comments on them. This basic, classic shape is always a smart choice, and with a wide range of sizes (from big to thin), it fits every face.

4. Baseball Hats

Baseball caps are one of my favourite styles, and Katz believes that they are here to stay. “For the past several seasons, designers on the runway have brought back and reimagined the old-fashioned ball hat,” she explains. “It’s been there for a long, but we’re seeing it dressed in a much more sophisticated way this time.”

Matching my hats to my bikinis is one of my favourite aspects of packing for vacation, but Katz points out that the style can be worn far beyond the beach. “Try wearing a ball hat with a sundress and shoes,” she advises. “I’m also wearing it throughout the day with a business dress, a chunky dad shoe, and a broad belt to highlight the waist.”

5. Summer Tshirt 

The sun is shining brightly, and the temperature is skyrocketing. Winter is a distant memory, and the idea of layering garments has been put on wait until the leaves begin to fall.

In such circumstances, it might be tempting to relegate anything with a collar to the back of the closet in favour of a T-shirt. In actuality, having a core selection of summer clothes on hand is warm-weather rule number one.

Wearing a shirt in the sun does not have to entail being hot under the collar. To handle everything from heatwaves to vacations like a master, choose seasonally suitable patterns in airy materials and vivid colours.

Here are the summer shirt styles you need to know about, as well as why they should be in your rotation.

6. Accessorize with Silk Scarves

Lindsey Dupuis, a celebrity stylist, tells InStyle that she’s been (im)patiently waiting for the silk scarf trend to return since her catholic school days when she’d wrap this item over her hair.

“When there were few exceptions to the clothing code, the style provided me a spark of self-expression,” says Dupuis. “Personalize them by wrapping them around your neck, ponytail, pocketbook, or weaving them through your braid or belt loops.”

7. Elegant Gowns

This Spring/Summer, refresh your wardrobe with SIMS Designer Studio’s freshly announced range. This gown is ideal for a night out on the town. It’s sophisticated but entertaining, and it’s ideal for summer. It is trendy and refined due to its superior fabric. This chocolate brown slit gown is stylish and elegant, created to perfection.

8. Floral Printed Saree

While airy clothes are always in trend, sarees are also popular in the summer. Cool floral designs or bright colours complement the charm of this piece of clothing and make one appear elegant. This flower-patterned saree by Lavanya The Label is the ideal fit for showing off your curves and looking wonderful in the summer. The georgette sarees guarantee that you feel as lovely as you appear.

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