Top 5 Fun Activities to Do with Your Kids 

These days, kids are spending more and more time on social media… on their smartphones or tablets. But unfortunately, even adults have forgotten how it feels to revisit their childhood by spending some quality time with their kids.

A study concluded that kids spend just 37 minutes a week with their parents in an average American household.

So if you wish to relax after a tiring day and have some fun, here are some great ideas for spending quality time with the little ones!

1. Do some Art and Crafts with Them

No matter how old your baby is, you can never go wrong with a bit of art and craft! So unleash the inner Picasso in you (and your child) by purchasing art supplies or kids’ art packs.

If you’re looking for some activity packs, visit Here, you’ll find a range of equipment, right from play dough to paintbrushes.

You can have a fun art competition where all the family members participate or ask your kid to draw anything their heart wants! Afterward, click a picture of it, frame it, and hang it on their bedroom wall.

2. Teach them Gardening

Teaching your kids gardening is one of the best ways to spend time with them. Not only will your little ones learn about the conservation of the environment, but they will also get to know a lot about plants, animals, and general biology.

Moreover, your house will also look much more beautiful! If you have a green thumb yourself, teach your children about the different plants and shrubs growing in and around your house.

One great way to induce the love of gardening is to reward your kids by gifting them a tiny seedling or seed. Then, ask them to take care of it and watch the miracle as it grows!

3. Make an Indoor Obstacle Course

Yes, this might be a little time-consuming, but this is one of the most fun activities you can do, especially on holidays or weekends!

First of all, you need to set the furniture and tapestry in a particular manner so that your kids can move from one obstacle to the other. If you wish to make things even more fun, merge the obstacle course with a treasure hunt and leave clues at every step!

Or you can even merge the obstacles with a good old scavenger hunt where you make a list of items, and your kids find them out one by one.

4. Take them to the Zoo

Now, this is one activity that promises you a lot of fun but requires almost no effort on your part! Visiting the zoo is always a happy adventure, especially during the winter. From roaring lions to chattering monkeys, a zoo has everything!

Plan a fun trip to the zoo and teach your kids the various kinds of birds, animals, and reptiles there. You can even play games like “spot the animal” or “name five facts about this animal” to increase their general knowledge.

Since almost every zoo has a park or garden on its premises, you can later go for a family picnic or lunch.

5. Go to the Beach

Again, this is another great pastime where you can spend hours without doing anything. Even if you don’t live near a beach, it’s no problem!

Simply drive down to the nearest beach or take your kids to the local pool. Make sure to get your kids’ inflatable beach toys and a bucket with a shovel. Have a sandcastle-building competition, or simply play with each other amidst the waves!

During the summers, running on the beach shore is an amazing way to spend the evening, but you can hit the beach even when it’s a little chilly.

Over to you…

When it comes to spending time with your little ones, there is absolutely no dearth of activities. While you can do dozens of things outdoors, you can also plan something in the comfort of your house.

If everything else seems too much of a hassle, simply play a rom-com or an animated movie on your TV, curl up with your babies, and enjoy the film with a tub of popcorn!

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