Emberify’s 7 Savvy Ways to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts [2023]

Instagram is a versatile social media platform where users can have one or more accounts for free. Yes! Individuals and businesses that work on multiple niches and aim to target different audience segments will benefit more from this. 

Managing many Instagram accounts can be overwhelming, especially for social media marketers/managers with hectic schedules. If you are struggling with the same, this article is for you. Here is a list of proven ways to handle Instagram accounts effortlessly. Besides, you shall try free instagram likes trial to boost engagement and make the most out of all accounts. Keep reading! 

1. Determine the Purpose of All Profiles 

An Instagrammer can create up to 5 accounts for various purposes. Generally, there are different types of Instagram accounts: Personal accounts, Professional accounts, Creator accounts, etc. Based on the requirements, you can create and set up profiles to fulfill your goals. 

The first and foremost thing you must do is check whether you need all the profiles. There are possibilities to eliminate any profile, neglect it and keep the required ones. This way, you can save time and effort and focus on essential aspects. Also, you get an idea to allocate time and prepare a plan for each profile. 

2. Set Goals for Every Profile 

Without knowing the direction, one cannot reach the right destination. So, determine your needs and set your goals for each profile before diving into social media management. Just list out the names of Instagram profiles and jot down the goals respectively.

Know where your profile is currently and where you want to take it through your efforts. For instance, if Profile A lags in engagement, plan for advertising campaigns. If another profile posses followers than expected, try growth services like Emberify to increase followers instantly. Similarly, invest your time to enrich your profiles. 

3. Create a Content Calendar 

Now you know about the number of Instagram profiles you have, the purposes of each, and what you want to achieve. All right! Successful social media marketers recommend preparing content calendars to avoid risks. 

Take advantage of online tools like Google Sheets to structure and organize your plan. Create tabs for each profile, add the date of publishing for each post, and set the deadline as per your need. If you are working as a team, share the sheet with the respective members and let them update the tasks. When you adopt this technique wisely, you will never miss out on anything that impacts your profile. 

4. Login Account In Different Devices

At times, it is hard to switch between multiple Instagram accounts on a mobile phone. In order to ease this, login accounts on different devices like mobile, desktop, or tablets that you have. 

Otherwise, simply add all your accounts on a single device and enable remember your password. So that you can easily navigate to the account, you currently need to work on. If you turn on notifications, you will be notified for every account separately, along with its name. You will be redirected to your respective account without hassle when you click on that particular notification. 

5. Schedule Posts of Each Profile 

Pre-scheduling content is another smart technique to handle Instagram posts of many profiles. For example, being a brand owner or marketer, you might have a heap of content to post at different times. 

If you are out of station or stuck at meetings, uploading content to the respective profile is challenging. To avoid these last-minute hassles, make use of scheduling tools available within the app or on the internet. 

Gather all the content requirements whenever you find leisure time and schedule posts beforehand. Furthermore, avail the support of Emberify to increase the visibility of your content and make your posts fetch better results than before. 

6. Engage With Audiences at Different Times

As discussed above, the niche and target audiences of your Instagram accounts differ from one another. Hence it is essential to determine the time when your audiences are active on Instagram. Based on the result, you should spend time engaging with Instagram users in different ways. Here are the prominent engagement tactics, 

  • Respond to DMs 
  • Live stream videos
  • Reply to comments
  • Share updates with your Community 
  • Follow / Communicate with your peers

Now you might wonder how to adapt these practices for multiple accounts. Fine! Prepare a timeline for every profile on a priority basis. If you want to enrich the growth of Profile B, put your efforts into boosting the engagement of that particular one. You shall try chatbots to reply to the generic messages related to your business. 

Consider you engage with the Profile B audience in the morning and then spending your evening enhancing the other one. If it seems risky, search for an all-in-one social media management tool and automate almost every process of your Instagram accounts wisely. 

7. Measure Metrics & Prepare Reports 

Instagram analytics is an efficient tool to analyze audience behavior and measure content performance. There are loads of metrics to measure on the Instagram analytics dashboard. However, it consumes much of your valuable time if you check on achievements daily. 

So, it is advisable to keep an eye on analytics weekly or monthly basis. This will help you to prepare reports collectively and increase your productivity. Then, with the analytics report on your hand, move further to optimize the certain Instagram profile. Also, you can tweak the content or marketing strategies to improvise the performance of profiles. 

In conclusion

Hope now you have a clear idea about using various Instagram accounts on a device. Consider all the above-given ideas to simplify your Though handling multiple accounts seems daunting at first, you will get used to it as days goes by. 

Obviously, you will feel satisfied with the end result of all Instagram accounts. So, don’t get frustrated. Instead, stay motivated and focus on one thing at a time to complete tasks efficiently. 

Good luck with mastering the art of managing multiple Instagram accounts! 

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