These Tips Can Help You Fall Asleep More Easily  

Many athletes and scientists are convinced that sleep more or less acts in the same way as performance-enhancing drugs. It helps your brain to recover after a long day of activities and helps us to feel at our absolute best. But falling asleep can be everything but easy and many people from all over the world can struggle immensely with it at times.

However, there are some tricks and tips that one can apply in order to help with falling asleep after a long day. In this text we’re going to go through some of these tips and even if you might’ve heard some of them before this article as a whole will more than likely serve as a helpful source of inspiration for you moving forward. It’s never too late to try and amend one’s sleeping habits, and this text is going to help point you in the right direction for a good night’s sleep.

However, sometimes you can do everything right and still be unable to fall asleep. This can be incredibly frustrating, but luckily there are some ways to help you fall asleep regardless. Even if one shouldn’t rely solely on sleeping pills, they can be something that’s incredibly beneficial to use when in a pinch and you really need to go to sleep. If you’re looking for specific brands and the like, these natural sleeping pills can be a real lifesaver when in need.

Build a Routine Around your Sleeping Habits 

This is at both times the most effective and the most difficult way of getting better sleep at night. Humans are creatures of habit and we oftentimes do things subconsciously without thinking about it any further. This can sometimes be detrimental but is something that can be used to our advantage when it comes to falling asleep.

By ensuring that we always go to bed and fall asleep at the same times every day, it becomes a lot easier to wind down and relax at night, while simultaneously making it much easier to wake up in the mornings. This is something that requires hard work in the beginning and you might have some sleepless hours when you first start out trying to break into your new routine. But after a couple of days and weeks, it’s more than likely not going to take more than a couple of minutes for you to fall asleep. But as previously mentioned, it’s important that you stick to it for a period of time in order to get your new habit to stick. 

Avoid Caffeine after Lunch 

Even if caffeine is a fantastic thing and helps an incredible amount with concentration, it’s also something that greatly hinders your ability to fall asleep. Instead of continuing to chug down coffees after you’ve had your lunch, it’s wise to set a time when you stop consuming caffeine altogether. Caffeine has a half-life of around 6 hours in your body, which means that enough of it should be out of your system by it’s time to go to bed. Switch to decaf coffee or ice water as a way to stay awake and alert instead of drinking caffeinated coffee.

Avoid Looking at Screens before Winding Down and going to Bed 

One of the main things that cause people to have trouble sleeping is looking at screens long into the night. By doing this you bombard your eyes and brain with blue light, something that in turn can make it difficult to wind down and fall asleep. Try to avoid looking at your screens right before going to bed, and you’re more than likely going to be able to wind down and fall asleep much faster than if you’re scrolling on social media while lying down trying to become tired all by yourself.

Another good thing to utilize, especially if you tend to look at your phone or computer late in the evenings is a setting that changes the hue of the light to a softer, orange tint. By doing this you don’t put as much strain on your eyes as well as making sure that you avoid that energizing blue light. However, this is not enough and you should still look away from your screens for a period of time before you go to bed.

But this can be easier said than done. A great way of going about it is ensuring that you don’t have any messages or emails that you want to respond to, saying goodnight to those you want to early, setting your alarms and then placing your phone on charge. After doing this you can, for example, take your evening shower, do some light cleaning and then brush your teeth and head to bed. That should be more than enough to avoid the effects of blue light and help your body clock get ready for sleep.

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