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Top 4 Secrets of Successful Nursing Students

Many students today are quickly deciding that a career in nursing best suits them and their areas of interest. For students with a passion for helping others, the nursing field is an extremely great option to consider! However, many students tend to forget the amount of time and effort that they will need to put into their education in order to obtain their degree and jump-start their careers.

Nursing school is full of firsts for many students including the first time they’ve actually had to study hard, strenuous exams, simulation and skill labs as well as the plethora of medical terminology they must become familiar with. There is also a certain pressure that many nursing students feel for the first time that they haven’t before: the pressure to get the best grades possible and the pressure to ensure they are properly prepared for when they need to take their licensure exams. However, following the 4 secrets of successful nursing students outlined below can help you to be better prepared to tackle your education and get started with your future career in nursing!

Manage Your Time Properly

Time management is crucial, not only for nursing students but for anyone pursuing a college education. In fact, according to Minority Nurse, time management is the single most important skill that you can master throughout your schooling. Time management involves ensuring that you’re allocating enough time to everything that you must accomplish throughout your day-to-day schedule. For instance, are you blocking off time to sleep? Outside of sleeping, are you providing yourself enough time to attend your classes, get your assignments done, and plan for future quizzes and tests?

The nursing school itself is highly demanding, and tossing a social life into the mix can make your time management even more difficult. It’s suggested that nursing students keep a calendar of some sort to ensure they are planning ahead for all of their upcoming assignments and tests. The calendar helps to ensure they’re giving themselves enough time to prepare while also recognizing their opportunities to mix social events and downtime into their daily routines.

Utilize and Maximize Your Participation in Study Groups

Study groups are another great tool that many nursing students don’t take advantage of throughout their education. Participating in study groups allows students to learn from one another and to better understand topics that they may not comprehend fully on their own. If one student isn’t sure of something, there’s a good chance that somebody else in the study group has a better grasp on the topic and can help the remainder of the group to comprehend it better. Study groups are great because they allow students within the same major to not only learn from one another but also to build relationships with one another. Relationships are the foundation of any great college experience, especially when those relationships have the potential to carry on far beyond your years spent in college.

Create Your Own Study Guides and Materials

Outside of study groups, it’s also important to take the time to study on your own. Depending on the type of learner you are, you may have your own unique preferences when it comes to your studying habits. You can even learn nursing online with help of visual courses which give a virtual learning experience. For visual learners, creating a study guide or note cards may be the best learning technique. However, auditory learners may prefer to listen to their readings via an audiobook or recording. Regardless, it’s important to create your own study materials and to ensure you are properly prepared for any upcoming assignments or tests.

Ensure You Are Setting Aside Some Downtime

One of the most commonly forgotten things during your schooling is oftentimes yourself. Although your education is critical, it’s also important to set yourself scheduled downtime. Many nursing students admit that burnout is their biggest issue throughout their schooling, simply because they overdid it and forgot to set aside time for themselves or social and extracurricular activities.

Many colleges and universities have realized the potential for burnout in their students, and that’s why they’re taking action to prevent it. For example, Berry College provides its nursing majors with the world’s largest campus – nearly 27,000 acres! Students can take their much-needed downtime and participate in a plethora of different activities that the campus makes available to them such as hiking, biking, kayaking, or camping. Regardless of how you choose to take your downtime, it’s important to ensure that you are providing it to yourself. Not only will it benefit you, but it will also greatly benefit your schooling.

It’s important to follow healthy habits throughout your nursing education, as they are instrumental in your overall success. By following the 4 secrets of successful nursing students outlined above, you’re bound to be successful throughout your college education as well as within your future career!

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