10 Things To See And Do In Newcastle

A visit to the North East wouldn’t be complete without taking a trip to Newcastle. With plenty of culture and history to take in around this amazing city, it is an ideal weekend break.

Newcastle is also a relatively large city with some great accommodation options, meaning you’ve plenty of choices whether you want to go there on a budget or go big. So, complete your city break with one of these Newcastle hotel deals and stay in style.

Be sure to put the following on your to-do list.

#1 Sage Gateshead

Situated along the River Tyne, this iconic concert venue has been going since 2004. It looks strangely like a shiny, giant slug.

Similar to the Sydney Opera House, The Sage Gateshead is another singular structure that is still worth a visit, even if you are not there to listen to or enjoy the music. If this is why you are planning to visit, the program includes world-class brass, classic, folk, blues, jazz, and so much more. 

#2 Ouseburn

This is one of the cultural hubs in Newcastle.

It is packed with fantastic bars, pubs, and interesting eateries. It is also small enough that you can wander around in less than an hour, so it is a great location for a bit of bar-hopping.

#3 Baltic Centre For Contemporary Art

This contemporary and stylish art gallery was once a flour mill. It offers programs that include the very best when it comes to the latest art and performance.

Two years before Sage Gateshead opened, the Baltic Art Gallery welcomed its very first visitors. These two venues are just about neighbors, so you could visit both by taking a stroll along the Millenium Bridge and the riverside. If you love contemporary art (or you haven’t yet realized that you do), a Baltic visit should definitely be on your list.

#4 Live Theatre

This quayside theatre stages and creates brilliant stand-up comedy, new theatre, and many other interesting events.

The Live Theatre in Newcastle is among the more exciting companies that are actively creating new work across the north of England. In 2017 alone, two of their productions were later transferred to the West End, with Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour winning an Olivier Award. Make sure you also pay a visit to the Northern Stage, which is also a fantastic theatre.

#5 The Biscuit Factory

This top-rated brunch spot is also the home to a contemporary art gallery.

If our list has started to look similar to a guide that shows you the top-rated artsy spots in Newcastle, well that is because Newcastle is a haven when it comes to creativity and art, and it is hard not to showcase these places. The Biscuit Factory is one of the commercial contemporary galleries, but when you are not that into art, you should still pay a visit anyway to sample the fancy and sophisticated brunch menu.

#6 St James Park

The proud home to the Magpies since 1892, this venue is also among the biggest football grounds in England.

St James Park is the iconic home to Newcastle United. Here you can tour the stadium and it includes behind-the-scenes information, from where the players walk through the tunnel to sitting in the dressing rooms.

#7 Victoria Tunnel

The Victoria Tunnel is a preserved 19th-century wagonway.

This is one of the most unique and innovative ways to explore Newcastle. This underground tour takes you on a guided route that goes from Town Moor directly to the River Tyne.

#8 Rising Sun Country Park

The Rising Sun Country Park is one of the nature reserves that you can visit in a car or on foot. In addition to its natural beauty, it also includes a lake area that is now designated as the “local” nature reserve. This area is filled with different habitats to enjoy that include ponds, woodland, wetlands, grassland, and the lake. There is also an interesting bird hide if you are into birdwatching.

#9 Discovery Museum

This is one of the local history and science museums.

Many tourists and visitors come to experience this place since it is educational and interactive offering entertainment and fun for the entire family. It also includes a 35-meter awe-inducing turbine ship greeting visitors as they arrive.

#10 The Tyneside Cinema

This is the last news cinema that is still in use to show movies in the UK today.

It may seem strange now, but once upon a time people used to visit the cinema to watch the news. The Tyneside Cinema is the only cinema that is still used today, but nowadays it is used for an arthouse program of modern and vintage films. You can also enjoy drinking or eating in one of the three art deco cafes.


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