How to Stop Birds from Coming to Your Farm?

Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth, but they don’t seem very beautiful when they attack your farm.

If you are also a farmer or have gardening as a hobby, you must know that birds consume food from the farm and can cause contamination. You can expect a good profit per acre in farming if you know how to stop birds from coming to your farm.

Also, birds can cause several diseases in plants. So as easy as farming may sound, it is a tricky business. For this reason, we have devised ways to stop the birds from coming and destroying your farm. Plus, these tips are safe for birds and won’t harm them.

1. ScareCrow

Scarecrows are farmers’ most ancient and easy method for scarring birds away. They are human-looking figures made from sticks and then covered with cloths.

Most farmers have used it to deter birds from eating the garden seeds, fruits and shoots. Plus, the point is that this method is safe and non-toxic, which doesn’t harm birds. It just repels them without any harm.

Making a scarecrow is a very simple task. First, build the frame by connecting two sticks in the shape of the plus sign. Then dress it in your old clothes. Don’t forget to stuff the dress with hay and leaves. Then empty a pumpkin and fix it on the top. Your scarecrow is ready.

2. Repellant Sprays

Repellant sprays are pretty famous for repelling the birds from your farm. These sprays don’t harm birds; it helps to keep them away from your farm. There are wide varieties of repellant sprays available in the market. You can save beneficial food in the farm from birds with the help of repellent sprays.

One can also make a homemade spray to drive out the nuisance birds. Although there are tons of recipes for repellant sprays, the simplest and most effective one is mentioned below:

Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with four dozen chili pepper and a gallon of water. Then put it in a spray bottle and spray the surfaces you want to be protected from birds.

3. Wind Xhimes

Some birds are very sound sensitive, and any disruptive sound disturbs them. That’s why people use wind chimes to buzz off harmful birds.

Birds may come to your farm, but the sound of wind chimes will take them by surprise and drive them away. You have to hang some of them on trees.

Although this method works temporarily very well, after some time, the birds get used to the sound and will get immune. So if you want a long-term solution, this might not work.

4. Reflective Items

Birds get irritated by flashy items and light. You can use this weakness to shush them off. So gather CDs and old or broken mirror pieces and install them on the walls near your plants.

If there are no walls near, you can hang them from trees. The flashy light will resist birds, and they won’t be your guests anymore.

5. Garden Netting

Instead of scaring the birds, you can create barriers between plants and birds. Plant netting is such a barrier. It is usually made from polythene and varies in size from about 1 inch to almost like fabric. You can decide the size according to the level of protection required.

The benefit of plant netting is that it doesn’t harm the pollination process and gives access to butterflies and insects.

6. Stick Jungle

This method involves making the plant invisible to predator birds. For this purpose, you must gather twigs and sticks from the farm and keep them around the plants that need protection.

In this way, any bird will see just a cluster of branches from above and won’t land on your plants.

7. Dogs

Dogs are not only human best friends; they can perform many important tasks. You can keep a dog to scare off the birds from your orchard. Birds have a natural fear of the dog.

You may observe when dogs come near them; they show anxiety symptoms, like flapping their wings. But some dogs don’t mind birds at all. So get a dog that has predator instincts so that he can help to keep away the birds.

8. Eye Balloons

It’s easy to trick birds with eye balloons. They are large-size balloons with scary eyes printed on them. They show movement with the wind. This visual doesn’t look attractive to birds, and they will avoid it. The good quality about them is that they are easy to install.

9. Baking Soda

Birds are not huge fans of baking soda. So if nuisance birds are disturbing your plants, you can try sprinkling some baking soda on the patio.

10. Professional Belp

You can use the above methods to keep the birds away from your farm. But if the problem becomes serious and they are causing serious harm to your crops, you need professional help. With years of experience, they can help keep your crops secure and protected.


As a farmer, you have to deal with many issues daily. So if birds are causing damage to your crops, you need to buzz them off. The above methods are proved successful for many others to keep them away. But one way may not work for all. So keep experimenting until you have found the best.


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