Discover Hidden Gems: All Sons of the Forest Companions

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In this article, you will discover all the details and information of Sons of the Forest companions.

Welcome to the exciting world of Sons of the Forest, where your friends are an important part of your journey to stay alive and find new things. The unique characters you meet on your adventures, who all help you in useful ways and tell interesting stories, make this game even more immersive.

They’re all offspring of the woodland friends. Virginia and Kelvin are both allies in Sons of the Forest, though they serve different purposes. Both Kelvin, a soldier who loses his hearing early in the game, and Virginia, a six-limbed mutant you meet on the island, become allies in your quest to survive. The game is difficult, but you can win by working together with your sons of the forest companions. and find success despite the challenges you’ll encounter.

The Importance of Companions in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the forest in game scene

In Sons of the Forest, companions take the game to a whole new level by adding a lot of new strategies, interactions, and chances. These interesting people add to the game’s depth and complexity by interacting in different ways with the environment and the main character.

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In a dangerous world, sons of the forest companions can make all the difference between living and dying. They help you in battle, gather important resources, and use their own special skills to help you get through tough situations. With friends by your side, your chances of staying alive are much higher.

All Sons of the Forest Companions

The player is introduced to two playable characters in Sons of the Forest:

Virginia: A mutant creature with six legs that can be encountered on the island and befriended by the player.

Kelvin: A soldier who manages to escape the opening game’s helicopter crash, albeit with his hearing severely damaged.

Companions are non-playable characters in Sons of the Forest that can join your team and assist you in completing various objectives, such as combat or resource gathering. The NPC claims that the player has the freedom to direct or ignore their actions so long as the end result is beneficial to the player. These individuals have their own agendas, but they’re still happy to tag along and lend a hand.

As of now, the game only features the two companions that were previously mentioned, to the best of our knowledge. But as a Gamer, you can expect that there will be more options for your teammates as the game progresses.

How to Get Sons of the Forest Companions?

Every gamer in Sons of the Forest encounters distinct and exceptional scenarios that are outlined below. You can’t just respawn them like a video game, as the procedure is a bit more intricate. Alright gamers, let’s dive into how to acquire Sons of the Forest companions and their respective locations.

How to Get Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Virginia is a valuable ally in Sons of the Forest. She has six limbs and makes occasional appearances in the forest. To recruit her, you gotta holster all your weapons and steer clear of any hostile moves. Eventually, Virginia will get to know you better and she’ll become a permanent member of your team.

It’s like Virginia is a non-playable character who starts following you once she realizes you’re not an enemy.

Virginia is actually Virginia Puffton, the missing chick that you catch a glimpse of in the game’s intro. She’s leveled up her physical attributes since then but remains a loyal ally.

How to Get Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Kelvin is a recruitable character in Sons of the Forest, but he’s not as simple to obtain as Virginia. Kelvin is a gamer who plays as a soldier character that suffers a head injury and becomes deaf after a helicopter crash at the beginning of the game. To enlist Kelvin as a gaming partner, gamers need to complete particular tasks. What are the specifics?

  • As you start the game, you’ll spawn in the debris of the downed chopper.
  • Kelvin, with a respawn icon above his head, will be downed on the ground nearby.
  • Approach Kelvin in-game and press the corresponding button to assist him in getting back up.

You will eventually find Kelvin on the ground near the downed helicopter, marked with a marker. You’ll notice he has bleeding in his ears when you pick him up, but he’ll obey your commands and be your loyal companion after that. He is less independent than Virginia, making him the “common” partner.

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How to Give Orders to Companions in Sons of the Forest?

Different Sons of the Forest companions have different ways of receiving orders.

  • If you want to hand Kelvin a notepad, you’ll need to get close to him and press the appropriate button. The user can then select from a list of available instructions, which will be carried out until the task is finished or a new command is given.
  • Because of her independence, Virginia cannot be told what to do. There’s no stopping it now that she’s convinced herself she’ll be fighting alongside her. However, he can fight with weapons fitted in his hands.

How to Give Weapons to Kelvin and Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately, Kelvin cannot be armed in Sons of the Forest. Despite his apparent military background, Kelvin is a passive NPC who prefers to flee from danger than engage it. The “take item” option in the interaction menu allows you to give him the clothes you find. Then, decide which article of clothing he should be wearing.

However, Virginia is friendlier in this regard. By walking up to her and pressing the E button, you can equip her with whatever you have in your inventory, be it clothes, weapons, or Sons of the Forest GPS locators. Even if you gave him an empty gun, he would still be able to fire continuously because the weapons he is holding do not require or use ammunition.

How to Maximize the Potential of Companions?

Upgrading Abilities: As you play Sons of the Forest, you’ll unlock skill trees and ways to improve your companions as you go. Investing in these upgrades makes your allies even stronger, giving them more help and making them better at fighting.

Equipping Your Allies: Getting the right gear for your Sons of the Forest companions is important if you want them to be as useful as possible. When it comes to weapons, armor, accessories, and food, companions who are well-equipped are better able to face the dangers that lurk in the forest.

Effective Team Strategies: To come up with good team strategies, you need to know your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses. You can beat even the hardest problems if you use skills that work well together and plan your moves carefully.

Building Trust and Loyalty: The loyalty of your friends is not a given; you have to earn it through your actions and choices. Strong bonds will form with your allies if you have deep conversations with them, do quests that are just for them, and make decisions that are in line with their values.

Companion-Specific Quest: In Sons of the Forest, you’ll come across quests that are made just for your companions. These missions often tell you more about their pasts, show you their hidden skills, and help you get closer to them.

Easter Eggs and Secrets Related to Companions

sons of the forest in game scene

Gamers will find a number of easter eggs offer and secret bonuses and rewards time after time.

Hidden Companion Abilities

Throughout the game, you may find hidden skills for your Sons of the Forest companions. Usually, you can unlock these skills by doing secret quests or interacting with them in a unique way. These unusual skills can give your game a new twist and give you powerful tools to help you beat challenges.

Rare Interactions and Events

Sons of the Forest is full of easter eggs and hidden things to do, and many of them involve your friends. By exploring the game world and talking to your friends, you might find rare situations that show you more about their personalities, relationships, and pasts. These hidden moments give your game more depth and excitement.

Unlocking Secret Endings

In Sons of the Forest, the choices you make and how you interact with your friends can lead to secret endings that give you different ways to finish the main story. Taking these paths gives you a new way to look at the story and lets you see how your Sons of the Forest companions affect the game world as a whole.

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Final Thoughts

Take a moment to think about the bonds you’ve made with your friends as you reach the end of your adventure in Sons of the Forest. Your gaming experience has been shaped by these relationships, and the memories you’ve made together will last long after the credits roll.

Sons of the Forest’s many different and interesting companions leave a lasting impression on the game. Their special skills, interesting stories, and emotional ties add to the depth of the game world and make for an unforgettable journey that stays with you even when you’re not in the forest.

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