SME Tech That Your Should Consider Investing In

Whether you already run a small to medium enterprise, are looking to start one, or your business fits the small to medium business description, this SME tech will be hugely beneficial to most operations.

With technology gradually playing a bigger and bigger role across all sectors, it is a no brainer to get yourself up to speed with the latest and greatest tech to consider for your own business.

Some of this tech will enable you to scale your pre-existing enterprise, while some of the tech in the article is worth keeping an eye on to see how it changes the digital sphere.

So, let’s delve!

Cisco Catalyst Switches

A crucial part of any small to medium enterprise is the ability for all the workstations and servers to communicate with one another seamlessly. This not only speeds up the ability for your employees to work internally but will create a more streamlined experience for your customers that use your services.

Think of a switch as a hub that can connect dozens of devices with ease and without the need for reliance on the internet or WiFi. Switches can be hooked up using a network of LAN cables internally to keep everything secure and easily accessible to anyone within your internal network.

Switches are a good option to secure transmission and transfer of data in-house without the need to hook up to an external ISP and rely on WiFi.

If this sounds like the kind of tech you need, then you should get looking at what model of Cisco switch would best suit you. ETB Technologies is a great place to start looking.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Much like their name suggests, power distribution units are responsible for ensuring every workstation or device on a network gets the appropriate power allocated to it for effective functioning. 

These devices are particularly useful in data centres or SMEs that have a lot of different devices to manage. These devices can take care of power distribution so that it doesn’t need to be consistently dealt with manually by administrators. 

Super useful for saving energy, money, and time!


In some SMEs, it simply isn’t possible to completely hardwire a network and hook up all the necessary devices to this network using LAN cables. For example, if your operation is spread across multiple floors in the same building or even multiple rooms, it may not be physically possible to hardwire via switches and cables.

Transceivers are the answer to this issue. They can transfer large quantities of data from one machine in a network to another wirelessly. There are many different kinds of transceivers that are capable of a range of varying data transfer rates, but they all essentially do the same thing.

These little devices are lifesavers for a lot of SME tech setups out there! 

An In-House Server

This section is more for the small to medium business owners out there and new SMEs, rather than already established SMEs.

Having your own internal server can take a lot of stress and strain away from running the day-to-day of your digital business. If you are paying for hosting and cloud services, moving all of this in-house has multiple benefits.

To begin with, it can create an environment where your employees and admins can work seamlessly to store, access, and deliver data all in-house. It also means that should any issues with file hosting occur, your server is in-house, and a much more hands-on approach can be employed to fix it.

Compare this to a cloud hosting service where you’ll more than likely need to contact your provider and wait for them to fix it.

An in-house server for file storage and hosting is also a lot safer. Your security and sensitive data are all in your hands – not a third party.

This is absolutely worth considering for the moderate price tag a server has.

Install More Fans

As trivial as these may seem initially, many setups fail to consider that installing extras fans can prolong the life of their SME tech by a decent amount. Keeping your tech cool and preventing any degree of over-heating will reduce the wear and tear that continual use will have on hardware.

Of course, just be sure that you have an adequate power supply unit and the functionality to support the installation of additional fans on any machine – workstation and server alike.

It may also be worth looking into other cooling methods such as liquid cooling or the regular replacement of thermal paste to control heat dissipation for your CPU.

To Conclude On Digital Tech

We have only just scratched the surface when it comes to SME tech. There’s an abundance of useful technology out there that can optimise your operational capacity.

Future proof your SME or SMB now and begin considering the upgrades that will be able to handle the workloads of the future.

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