The benefits and myths of dedicated IP VPNs

VPNs have been growing in popularity since their first introduction and have also evolved immensely. The most important question for businesses, along with others, is whether to go for a dedicated IP or a shared one. The answer depends on your needs, but having a dedicated IP always helps an online business in ways that a shared IP cannot. Yet there are some misconceptions, owing to some popular myths about dedicated IP VPNs, causing hesitation. Let’s start by looking at the advantages of dedicated IP VPNs.

What is a dedicated IP VPN?

A dedicated IP USA VPN assigns you with a specific, private IP address from the US to access the internet while hiding your actual IP address. It serves multiple purposes, as it helps overcome the restrictions of your real IP while also bringing all the advantages of privacy and security.

Benefits of Dedicated IP VPN

Suppose you are a business owner having to finalize a USA VPN service, but confused between dedicated or shared IP. In that case, these benefits will help you understand what you gain by selecting the former:

Faster Website Performance

When on a shared IP, your website’s performance can be hampered by traffic on other websites, so you can lose customers just because of loading speeds. Having a dedicated IP VPN will always protect you against this scenario, helping you acquire and retain more customers.

Direct Server Access

If you use a USA VPN with dedicated IP, you can access your website even when the DNS is not set up. This will not be possible with a shared or changing IP. So, having a static IP VPN is essential for website owners and developers to work on their website from anywhere, making required changes and accessing necessary files as per their requirements.

Reputation and Email Marketing

Given that you are using a USA VPN, you will be using varied IP addresses, some of which can be blacklisted by email operators. This can lead to all your marketing emails reaching the spam folder of your potential clients. Though it is rare for IP addresses to be blacklisted, you still are better off being sure that your emails reach your customers in the right way.


If you have set up limited IP access to your internal servers, you certainly need to have a dedicated IP VPN. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your systems while traveling or working from a different location. What if you remove IP barriers to access from anywhere? Well, this will be a significant risk compared to the negligible cost you bear by having a USA VPN with a dedicated IP.

Flexibility of working

As mentioned above, you need not compromise on your security to work from wherever you like. As VPNs can be used on multiple devices simultaneously, you can share a single account with your partners or employees, while each can work from home or anywhere, like at the office. Your business might need you to be on the move regularly, so you don’t have to worry about not accessing your internal systems while traveling.

These are some of the benefits you can get with a dedicated IP VPN, while some more can depend on the specific business type. Overall, when acquiring a USA VPN for business, it is advisable to opt for dedicated IP, as it brings many advantages at a minimal additional cost. It is common knowledge that some myths and beliefs are also attached to using dedicated/shared IP, which impacts your decision, so let’s discuss some common ones to help you.

Myths about Dedicated IP VPNs

Impact on SEO

It is commonly believed that having a shared or dedicated IP can directly impact your website’s ranking. This leads to the belief that if a certain website gets banned, using the same IP address as your website, will reduce your chances of ranking high on search results. This is a myth, as Google’s algorithms don’t consider this. If there is only a slight benefit you can get on Google results, it is only possible with improved loading speeds.

Dedicated IP is costly

Considering that you already spend on a USA VPN for your business, opting for a dedicated IP will add just a fraction of the overall cost. Moreover, as usage of a dedicated IP impacts customer acquisition/retention, this can add more to your business than it costs. You are indeed saving a lot by spending little on a dedicated IP.

Having covered the essential benefits and common myths, we can conclude that business owners have a lot to benefit from by using a dedicated IP. It contributes significantly to ensuring that you run your business online seamlessly and securely.

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