Sargam Koushal Net Worth, Career, and Biography of Mrs. World 2022

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Sargam Koushal net worth is estimated to be $1 Million as of 2023. If you’re curious about the rising star of Bollywood, Sargam Koushal, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we dive deep into her net worth and her journey to becoming an A-list actress. So get ready to find out just how much Sargam Koushal net worth is!

Sargam Koushal is an Indian model, beauty pageant winner, teacher, media personality, entrepreneur, and Mrs. India World 2022. She grew up in Jammu and was born to parents GS Kausal and Reema Khajuria. She has a younger brother named Manthan Kaushal and is married since 2018.  During that time, Sargam Koushal’s net worth has built up to $1 million.

Sargam is a renowned figure in the Indian media industry and is active on her social media accounts with a huge fan following. She also earns from her teaching profession and from the endorsements of various products.

In this article, we are going to talk about Sargam Koushal’s net worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Career, Social Media Accounts, Husband, Kids, and more.

Who is Sargam Koushal?

Sargam Koushal was born in Jammu, Jammu Kashmir, on September 17, 1990. His parents were Reema Khajuria and GS Kaushal. Her father is a retired Bank of India Chief Manager, and her mother is a housewife. She went to school in Jammu, and Jammu University gave her an advanced degree in English literature. After getting her master’s degree, Sargam went to the Government B.Ed College in Jammu and got her B.Ed. She then went to work as a teacher. She had a brother 7 years younger than her named Manthan Koushal.

Sargam began her career as a teacher, but she soon decided to join the world of high fashion and became a model. Koushal is not only a teacher and a model, but he is also a painter and a writer. Thus, Sargam Koushal net worth rises to $1 million.

Sargam Kaushal’s Biography

Sargam Kaushal is a well-known Indian model, beauty pageant winner, teacher, media personality, and entrepreneur. She was born on 17th September 1990 in Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir to Reema Khajuria and GS Kaushal. Her mother-in-law is Meena Kaushal, and her husband works for the Indian Navy. Sargam had a passion for modeling since an early age and started her career as a teacher in Visakhapatnam. She rose to fame with her win at the Mrs. India World 2022 pageant. She has since become an Instagram sensation, with over 2 million followers.

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Quick Info About Sargam Koushal

Here is some Important information about Sargam Koushal net worth, birthday, age, boyfriend’s name, and personal life.

Real Name

Sargam Kaushal.


Model, Teacher, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, Media Face, and Entrepreneur.


33 Years Old.

Date of birth

17 September 1990 (Monday).

Place of birth

Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir.

Residence in

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Net Worth

INR 3-4 Crores (approx.)









Sargam Koushal Net Worth

Sargam Koushal’s net worth is a $1 million English actress, singer, and model. Most of Sargam Kaushal’s earnings come from being a professional model. Her estimated net worth is between 1 million (approx.). Aside from modeling, Sargam also earns money by endorsing various products on social media. She has also received a decent income package from her teaching profession. With all these sources of income, it is estimated that Sargam Koushal’s net worth total of around $1 Million (approx.).

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Sargam Koushal’s Income Sources

Sargam Koushal is an Indian model and former beauty pageant. Sources claim that Sargam and Adi got married in 2018. Most of her income comes from her professional modeling career. Now let’s take a look at Sargam Koushal’s income sources.

Sargam Koushal has earned a decent income from her work as a model and content writer. She also received a master’s degree in English. As a pageant winner, she received additional prize money which added to her net worth. She is also popular on Instagram and earns money through sponsored posts and advertisements. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sargam Koushal’s net worth rises to $1 million.

Additionally, she has likely received other forms of compensation such as endorsements, brand deals, and other paid appearances. While the exact amount of her income is still unknown, it’s clear that Sargam Koushal has worked hard to build her wealth over the years. Thus, Sargam Koushal’s net worth rises to $1 million.

Sargam Kaushal Age & Early Life

Sargam grew up in Jammu, Jammu, and Kashmir. Our research shows that Sargam Kaushal was born on Monday, September 17, 1990. She is a member of the Hindu religion. Her birth date shows that Sargam is 33 years old (as of 2023). Every year, her birthday is on September 17. This beautiful woman has been modeling for as long as she can remember.

Sargam’s Facebook page says that she went to St. Mary’s Presentation Convent School for her primary education. Then, she went to the University of Jammu to study. This school is where Kaushal got her bachelor’s degree in English literature. She started working as a teacher after that.

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Sargam Kaushal Career

Sargam Koushal net worth
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After finishing her education, Sargam went to work as a school teacher. Reports say that Sargam was a teacher at KC International School. Since she was a child, she really wanted to be a model. When Sargam was in college, she used to be a model.

She has taken part in a number of modeling contests and events in her area. Many ads have also been made about Sargam. In 2022, she took part in the Mrs. India World beauty pageant. She was named Mrs. India World 2022 because she had so many great skills. This happened at the NESCO Center in Goregaon, Mumbai, on June 15, 2022. With all this, Sargam Koushal net worth increased by $1 million.

Sargam Kaushal Education

Sargam was born in Jammu and Kashmir and grew up there. On Monday, September 17, 1990, Sargam Kaushal was born. Based on his date of birth, Sargam is 33 years old right now.

By looking at her Facebook page, you can see that she went to St. Mary’s Presentation Convent School for her elementary schooling. She was then accepted to Jammu University. Sargam got a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from this university. After that, she went to school to become a teacher.

Sargam Koushal’s Zodiac Sign

Sargam Koushal’s net worth is an Indian model that is estimated to have approximately 1 million dollars. She was born in Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Koushal’s main motivation is her passion to make a difference in the world and help those in need. It is this motivation that drove her to become the winner of Miss World 2022, beating contestants from 63 countries. Now, let’s take a closer look at her zodiac sign to get an even better understanding of who she is.

Sargam Kaushal’s Parents, Siblings, Husband, Boyfriend & Kids

The woman who won Mrs. World in 2022 is married. Sources say that Sargam and her husband Adi got married on December 3, 2017. Sources say that Adi and Sargam have been together for a long time. After doing a lot of research, we found out that Adi, Sargam’s husband, is an officer in the Indian Navy.

Her husband is very helpful. Not only that, but Adi follows her everywhere she goes. But Sargam doesn’t say anything about her kids or her past boyfriends. She is happy with her husband and their life together.

Parents & Siblings


GS Kaushal


Meena Kaushal


Manthan Kaushal


Will Update

Sargam Kaushal Height, Weight & Body Stats

Weight In Kilograms: 

55 kg

In Pounds:

121 lbs


In Feet Inches: 5′ 7½“

In Meters: 1.72 m

Centimeters: 172 cm

Hair Color

Dark Brown.

Eye Color


Shoe Size

5 US.




She inked an anchor-shaped tattoo on her hand.

Sargam Koushal’s Contact Details

Sargam Koushal is active on social media and has a huge following on Instagram. She posts pictures of her various photoshoots and her latest style looks. Moreover, Sargam also shares her fitness journey and uplifting messages to inspire her fans. Her Instagram gives an insight into her personal life and the different experiences she has had in her journey. Sargam also shares some of her childhood memories with her fans.




Sargam Koushal Lesser-Known Facts

Sargam Koushal made history when, after 21 years, she brought the Mrs. World trophy back to India. Aditi Govitrikar was the only other Indian to win this title before her. A lot of famous people, like Govitrikar and Soha Ali Khan, congratulated Sargam on this historic win. Here are some interesting things you might not have known about Mrs. World 2022.

  • In June 2022, Sargam Koushal was named Mrs. India World 2022. This was before she was named Mrs. World 2022.
  • Sargam was a teacher before she started a career as a model.
  • She was born in Jammu and grew up there. She and her husband were living in Mumbai.
  • Soon after she got married, Sargam realized that beauty pageants were her true calling.
  • Sargam has also worked to help children who are fighting cancer.

Comparing Sargam Koushal Net Worth to Others

It is difficult to calculate the exact Sargam Koushal Net Worth. However, we can compare her net worth to others in the same industry. For instance, the Indian model and former beauty pageant winner Sini Sargam of India were crowned Miss World at a gala event hosted in 2018. She also received a decent income from winning the Mrs. India pageant in 2022. Sargam Koushal’s husband is an officer in the Indian Navy, making Sargam Koushal’s net worth criteria and requirement of security clearance for such events quite different from that of other models. Furthermore, the value that people place on obtaining information cannot be ignored.


Sargam Koushal’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 million dollars, however, due to her private nature, the exact figure remains unknown. Despite her success as a model, Sargam has also done a lot of philanthropic work, donating to various charities and raising awareness for social causes. She has also been vocal about issues related to women’s rights in India. Her success is an inspiration for many aspiring models who are looking to make a mark in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sargam Koushal Net Worth

Why is Sargam Kaushal so well-known?

She is now famous for winning the title of Mrs. World 2022.

How much is Sargam Koushal’s net worth?

Sargam Koushal’s net worth is $1 million (approx.).

What is Sargam Kaushal’s Profession?

She is a model, teacher, media face, social media influencer, creator of content, and business owner.

How old is Sargam Kaushal?

She turned 33 this year (as of 2023).

Who is Sargam Kaushal’s husband?

She got married to an officer in the Indian Navy named Adi.

Why is Sargam Kaushal famous?

Because she was named Mrs. World 2022.

How rich is Sargam Kaushal?

Sargam Koushal’s net worth rises to $1 million or INR 3–4 Crores in total (approx.).

Who are Sargam Kaushal’s parents?

GS Kaushal (dad) and Meena Kaushal (mother).


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