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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Apple Safari Becomes Second Most Popular Desktop Web Browser in the World

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The most widely used desktop browser among users globally is still Google Chrome. Chrome has a 66.1% global market share, according to Statcounter.

Apple’s Safari, which has supplanted Microsoft Edge to take over as the second-most popular desktop browser, is now in second place.

Despite the fact that Microsoft Edge trailed Apple Safari with a market share of 11% and Apple Safari with 11.8%, the two are closely matched. With respective market shares of 5.65%, 3.09%, and 0.55%, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer are among the other widely used browsers, according to the report.

With an 89.04% market share, Google Chrome is the desktop browser that most people in India use. With 3.64% and 3.48% of the market, respectively, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are in second and third place. According to the figures, only 1.01 percent of Indians use Safari.

Even though Google Chrome is very famous, it is thought to be the most vulnerable web browser. A report by Atlas VPN says that the browser has 303 reported vulnerabilities so far this year. This is the biggest number of reported vulnerabilities ever, with more than 3,000 reported vulnerabilities in total.

Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort into adding artificial intelligence (AI) to its Edge browser recently. Early this year, the company added ChatGTP support to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft said in a blog post, “We know that 64% of searches happen on mobile phones, so we’re releasing all-new Bing and Edge mobile apps to help you navigate the web even when you’re not at your desktop.”



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