Here’s What You can Do to Reduce Your Headaches Caused by Excessive Screen Time

It is obvious that spending too much time in front of a screen can have negative effects on your body and health, whether it be for work or school projects, binge-watching a new show, or just the nature of your day-to-day job. Headaches are one of these negative effects and unfortunately affect most of us on a weekly or monthly basis. They make it hard not only to concentrate on work, school, and other daily tasks but also to relax and sleep once you have some time off. Once you begin to feel the signs of a headache forming, there are a few steps you can take to not only reduce their severity but also prevent them from reoccurring. Read more about the solutions offered by board-certified medical experts at Skinly Aesthetics to solve headaches once and for all.

Using Holistic Methods

If you suffer from frequent migraines, it is not always a good idea to regularly take Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen, which could cause internal damage long term. Try a more natural method to relieve headaches instead. A few changes in your lifestyle can help both your mental and physical health and improve your energy levels along the way.

Extensive screen time is mostly not the only cause of the pain and discomfort you feel along various regions of your head and neck. Moreover, another contributing factor to headaches could be irritated eyes or tired eyes from staring at a screen. Lack of sleep and dehydration, two things we tend to neglect, are other common contributors to headaches.

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep

Everybody keeps saying it: make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. A good night’s sleep is crucial, and one thing you will never be able to catch up on. In a world where 3 – 4 hours of sleep a day is almost the norm, and you spend most of your time in front of a screen, it’s no wonder many people get migraines constantly. Melatonin is a supplement that can help you sleep better, and setting an alarm will remind you of when to begin the preparations for bed as well as when to wake up. It can make a drastic difference not only in your energy levels but also in your general health and of course, reduce your headaches.

Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated

Keeping hydrated is often a challenge, especially when your favorite beverage is a large cup of coffee. Reevaluate what you drink throughout your day, and how much of it is just water, as in H2O.

At least 64 ounces of water should be consumed each day. Juice, coffee, chocolate milk, soda, or any other beverage you may find yourself drinking throughout the day does not count. When you are properly hydrated, your body will not send the brain alarm signals that produce headaches.

Start consuming more magnesium

Most people with chronic headaches have low magnesium levels as well, based on scientific studies. Taking in more magnesium is another holistic approach to reducing or mitigating headaches because both are correlated with each other. Magnesium can be obtained from foods such as dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, and mackerel, alongside many other delicious bites. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can also buy magnesium supplements over the counter or magnesium powder that can be mixed into water for a magnesium-rich bubbly drink

Find your pressure points

Depending on the cause of your headache, some headaches can be treated with pressure points. You may be experiencing migraines due to sinus pressure during allergy season. Putting a little pressure between your eyes can temporarily relieve this pressure and reduce the pain you may be feeling. Placing one palm on your forehead while the other is placed behind your head can help relieve headaches. The best treatment for chronic migraines should be determined by a neurologist, however, some of these methods may be helpful at the moment and may improve your overall well-being.

Medical tools to reduce your migraines

It is true that occasional headaches are normal and can happen to anyone, however, there are cases in which they progress to chronic migraines, which can cause severe physical, mental, and emotional distress. If this sounds familiar to you, talk to your neurologist about your treatment options.

Over the counter pain medication

To get medical migraine relief, it is easiest to pick up some OTC pain medications from your local pharmacy. Depending on the root cause of your headache, Aspirin or Tylenol will most likely work. In the case of Aspirin, the powdered form maybe your best option, since it is already broken down, making it easier for your body to absorb. Tylenol (ibuprofen) is more commonly used to treat headaches caused by sinus pressure, though the cause of your headache can be more clearly determined by your doctors.

Chronic migraines and Botox

Even though it might come as a surprise, Botox can be used for a lot more than just wrinkle reduction. A variety of medical conditions can be treated with it, including hyperhidrosis, TMJ, and chronic migraines. You may be blaming your headaches on the several hours you spend in front of a screen each day, when in fact they are caused by overall tension in the muscles of your head and neck. Therefore, centers like MiracleFace MedSpa offer Botox not only for aesthetic purposes but also for the purpose of treating chronic migraines. Injections of Botox can be used to relax various muscles surrounding your head, neck, and shoulders, and as a result, relax your headaches.

A holistic or medical approach, or a combination of the two, maybe effective for treating your headaches. In regards to reducing headaches and stopping them in their tracks, sleep hygiene and proper nutrition are key, though the treatment of migraines requires medical attention in some cases. The best way to decide which option is best for you is to speak with a medical professional, preferably a neurologist.

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