If you do 10 daily activities, that help improve your physical health and mental health. Taking care of our body goes beyond eating well and doing sports. Good health is the combination of physical and emotional care together. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, mind and body care habits have completely changed and have come to occupy a central place in our daily lives.

Therefore, we propose 10 very simple daily actions that we can perform from the moment we get up until we go to bed to improve without realizing our physical and mental state.

Listen and stretch the body


When you wake up in the morning, take a few minutes to listen to your body. Focus your attention on how each part is stimulated and activated to face the day. In addition, perform a small stretching routine that will bring excellent health benefits, as it helps you free your mind, improve posture, eliminate tension, activate circulation or gain energy to start the day.

Move and activate the body

There are no excuses, sport is available to everyone and you just need to spend a few minutes a day, on the street or at home. If you don’t have time, it will be important to keep your body active with small actions such as taking the stairs and not taking the elevator, walking to the shop or work, or walking while making a phone call.

Take time to yourself

We spend too much time glued to electronic devices. Before starting to answer the mobile or listen to the news, focus on your feelings, sensations or thoughts. Savor your coffee in the morning and what it makes you feel, enjoy a walk and the pleasure it causes you and try to be aware of the small details, analyzing your thoughts.

Take care of your hygiene

On the one hand, it will be key to acquire certain hygiene routines to take care of health, such as washing hands to prevent diseases. On the other hand, taking care of one’s appearance and personal cleanliness will not only be important to avoid contracting pathologies but also to behave in a healthy way in the society in which one lives. In addition, you can make the shower or bath a relaxing moment, as it is full of small pleasures that stimulate the body and mind.

Breathe and do meditation for a few minutes 

It will also be important to stop in the middle of the day to pay attention to your breathing. It is one of the most used techniques in relaxation and mindfulness. It is about breathing slowly and deeply, focusing your attention and becoming aware of it, trying not to divert your thoughts to something else.

Also, It is best to consider taking online Buddhist courses that can deepen your mindfulness practice, help regulate your mind, and cultivate peace through meditation and breathing techniques.

Take care of your diet

Eating properly has a great impact on our quality of life. In addition to trying to include a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to our health and leave behind unnecessary sugars and fats, it is important that we acquire daily habits that favor our routine, such as trying to always eat at the same time and in a relaxed way, drinking a time to disconnect, eat all the meals of the day without skipping the most important ones such as breakfast or avoiding snacking between meals.

Leave insane vices behind

A mythical New Year’s resolution that we always leave on the wish list. This time, yes, quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption, and you will experience the improvements that directly affect your body, capabilities and appearance. You will feel a sense of well-being and energy to cope with the day to day.

Connect with those closest to you

Socializing with family and friends positively affects physical and mental health. On the one hand, it is one of the best ways to raise our spirits and find ourselves well. On the other, the positive emotions that result after having a good time with your loved ones generate a healthy variation in heart rhythms that favors a longer and healthier life. Try to find a time to socialize and talk about issues unrelated to your problems to disconnect for a moment from the routine.

Take the air regularly

Find a time to go out and enjoy the outdoors, analyzing each of the pleasures that life offers us and focusing attention on what it makes us feel. The breeze in the face, the smells or the sounds that surround us.

Sleep and rest properly

Many of the functions of our body, both physical and mental, are affected by lack of sleep. It is important to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day to replenish the energy necessary to face the routine.