Package Design that Stimulates Instant Purchase!

The fascinating concept of marketing and packaging is to identify the understanding of the logic of consumers. Despite the costly hazards of impulse purchases, consumers increasingly make their buying decisions in the shopping aisle. The packaging team at The Legacy Printingbelieves that the design of custom six pack cardboardcan gives you a competitive edge by adding value, making the product more attractive, and creating a more substantial shelf impact.

The competitive markets depend on the role of custom packaging as one of the sales promotion tools. The packaging supplier believes that the packaging design appeals to consumers’ attention to a particular trademark, encourages the product image, and affects consumers’ views about the product. Furthermore, the packaging box confers value to products.

Undoubtedly, it is essential to acknowledge that the branding and packaging experts have to study the market well before making decisions and launching the product; because it can simply give penetration and overwhelming success. However, assuming that packaging is not successful in the market and does not work as required, it certainly gives a bad image of the product even if it has a high value.

Consequently, the consumers refrain from buying the product. An attractive packaging design persists in working for the market and product itself for a long time, which ultimately helps the brand lure a considerable number of consumers and dramatically increase product loyalty.

The best and worst human characteristics that foster excellence may arguably be obsession and ego. The team at The Legacy Printing believes that “obsession with the graphics components combines with individual designer egos to create the best possible solutions.

Packaging Design Elements 

There are many notions and ramifications of the packaging design concept and its elements. For example, surface graphics, illustration, color, typography, material, symbols and icons, brand, and size are all packaging design elements. The distinctive design of custom six pack cardboard can be divided into graphic and structural components.

Graphics components: For example, surface graphics, illustration, branding, color, typography, information layout, etc.

Structural components: For example, materials, size, shape, and innovative formats.

Visual or Graphic Components 

Package graphics – The visual form of packaging design differs from one packaging box to another, whether the graphical element or size and shape. Moreover, as previously mentioned, graphic elements such as color, illustration, typography, and layout, all these elements and more can create instant sales. For example, the colorful package can appeal to consumers to buy. In a nutshell, the brands and sellers expect the design of Chinese boxes wholesale to be groundbreaking.

They expect it to be attractive enough to appeal and create a skyrocketing sales figure. Many elements of the graphics mix can get lost in the competitive markets where each box strives to get consumers’ attention. Some packaging experts believe that minimal design can instantly grab consumers; attention, such as Heinz packs. Some branding and packaging experts are of the view that oblique packages attract attention. It is also believed that cultural symbols or images on the Chinese boxes wholesale supply can attract attention.


Color is considered one of the most attention-grabbing package graphics elements. Color is the quickest path to emotions. It often gives the consumer a secret and can control the feelings. The experts believe that the packaging color can create a physiological response. Colors have meaning for people. Vivid color can attract more attention than black and white color and brilliantly deliver the brand message and product information. It is believed that dark and cold-colored packaging boxes speak for high prices and high aesthetics.

On the other hand, some consumers require dairy products directed to price through light, neutral colors, primarily white and blue packaging boxes. In some cultures, red packaging color is connected with safe and guaranteed products. However, in some, red speaks for an emergency, danger, and high alert.


You need to know the appropriate features of a successful and practical design to create a product packaging design that will make a brand image. Beautifully designed packaging boxes can help your brand and product to stand out from the business competitors. A successful packaging layout ought to include:

Being a retail entrepreneur or a brand, you should always give a reason to your consumers showing why they must choose your brand over the others. The” Why-to-purchase” statement permits you to attract your brand with your audiences clearly and easily. It tells them what the brand and the product do. Make sure that your packaging design communicates the brand and product message well and clearly.

This can help your consumers in making an instant yet informed purchase decision. The brands and sellers must highlight the product promise statement of your brand at the top of the packaging box. The message must be concise, informative, and simple so that consumers know all the product features.

Your packaging design must instantly grab the consumers’ attention. Always remember that this is a good experience for the audience with your brand. Therefore, the structural design should create a “never-to-be-forgotten” unboxing experience. The packaging design of the product must go in line with structural design. If it does not happen, then potential audiences will lose interest in your brands.

To achieve that, make sure that you hire a well-reputed packaging company to work on the graphical packaging of your brand. It will assure you that consumers walk away with your products in their hands. While designing the packaging boxes, make sure that you use all of the design elements in a balanced way. Sometimes over-designed packaging boxes can also lead to consumers’ lost interest, which consequents in lost sales.  

Size and Shape

The shape and size of the packaging box attract consumer evaluation and decisions. These two elements are much associated with usability. It is essential to acknowledge that shape plays a significant feature. Some brands have a distinctive package that ensures product protection and convenience in holding, using, pouring, and storing. A well-designed package fits the hand more comfortably and creates what Coca-Cola proudly says ‘in-hand embellishment.’ Similarly, large cereal packages make feelings of plentiful, expansive, energy-giving food, whereas a smaller pack may make the cornflakes seem heavy, solid, and not good.

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