How to Start an OnlyFans Account in 2022

OnlyFans is a popular network for content makers. The platform became known for its lack of censorship, thanks to which the site hosts webcam models, sex workers, and just creators who make adult content. The OF reached its peak of popularity at the beginning of 2020 when world-famous celebrities began to register on the site. At the same time, 500,000 users daily joined the platform.

Today we will talk about how to make an OnlyFans page, how the platform works now, and whether there are chances for beginner creators to make money on the site in 2022.

Setting up OnlyFans account

Before you get the first money, you will need to properly set up your pages. Due to the platform’s algorithms, users do not see all the posted content and make a choice about the subscription-based on the page design. This means that the profile photo and bio should be as detailed as possible. New visitors must immediately understand what content awaits them behind the paywall.

How to set up a Fans Only page:

Set up a profile photo. You can choose two photos. The first one will be the profile photo, a  small circular image identical to the one that appears on all social media in every post. Choose a recognizable bright photo. The best would be to use a close-up portrait. Another required image is the OnlyFans profile cover. It will be shown at the top of your page and will be visible in both desktop and mobile web browsers. Use a photo that reflects the content of your account.

Fill in bio. Another important element of setting the OF. You’ll get 160 characters to describe yourself and your work. Promise the users access to exclusive unique content they get after subscribing. You can also add links to other networks where examples of your work are posted.

Start an ad account. Unfortunately, the platform does not provide authors with any tools for promotion. The only way to promote your work on the site is to create a second account with free publications. Here you can post examples of your content, attracting users to your main channel. Remember that you are only intriguing potential subscribers, the most explicit content is best left behind the paywall.
And that’s how you do start an OnlyFans account.

How to use Only Fans?

The massive influx of content makers has led to high competition on the site. Now more than


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