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Behind New Tech that Will Protect Users from Cyber Threats

How to Protect your Data from Cyber Attacks

Many have called the 21st century the Digital Age. For a good reason, digital technology has advanced since the early 2000s. The internet has become a commodity for every household. And even those without access to cyberspace at home can get it anywhere in public. However, digital technology is a double-edged sword. 

While it makes our lives much more convenient, it also makes cybercrime much easier. Hacking, malware attacks, and similar threats have increased since the 2010s. And many are attempting to find ways to combat them. In this article, we want to explore the new trends and technologies that protect us from cyber threats.

Steps You Can Take

Before we get to the new developments, we would like to share with you a few steps you can take to ensure your safety. First, and you should always use a strong, random password and try not to use the same one for different websites. Secondly, ensure your computer is safe by installing firewalls and anti-viruses.

You can also get a VPN, which protects you and lets you access certain region-specific content. For example, let’s say you want to play fish table games online at one of the numerous casinos. If the casino is unavailable in your country, you can switch your VPN over to a public network in a country where they are available and have your fun.

Now that you know what you can do let us look at the advancements in cybersecurity.

AI Could Be of Great Help

Artificial Intelligence has fascinated (and freaked out) the human race for years. And while we are far away from the self-replicating, evolving technology that led up to HAL 9000, we are closer than ever. The financial industry is already using AI to detect fraud and similar crimes. In much the same vein, computer engineers have created AI, whose goal is to identify behavioural patterns in a computer that some form of hacking may cause.

The benefit of using Artificial Intelligence is that it can work a lot faster than a human. It can also quickly analyze a system in which thousands of events co-occur. Hackers and other cyber criminals tend to attack these types of systems precisely, so an AI program could greatly help.

Blockchains and Cryptography

Many readers will be familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency. However, have you ever wondered how the technology behind Bitcoin could be used in other walks of life? Well, one example is cybersecurity. The primary technology that comprises cryptocurrency is the blockchain. And the blockchain can undoubtedly prove a valuable tool in the fight against cybercrime.

In essence, a blockchain is a database where users can store data blocks (hence the name). The data blocks are linked together through cryptography, allowing the information to be stored, not deleted or edited. In other words, experts in the field of cybersecurity could use blockchains to create incredibly secure systems, protocols, or devices that make it incredibly hard, if not impossible, for hackers to break through.

Fans of cryptocurrency will be familiar with the term “decentralized.” Using a blockchain to store information would eliminate any security risk, as the data would not be stored anywhere. Instead, it would be kept across networks, making it all the more difficult for hackers to attain it. For these reasons, many cybersecurity pros are experimenting with blockchains to create a safer data storage option.

Behavioral Analytics

Lastly, we would like to look at the technology behind behavioural analytics. In essence, behavioural analytics devices review a user’s data and analyze their behaviour. The websites the user visits, the amount of time they spend online, how much money they spend online, etc. The programs can then find any irregularities in a user’s behaviour and determine whether there is a threat.

Frequently, an irregularity will not necessarily mean anything. After all, there are months when we spend more time online than usual. There are weeks when we spend more money on different products online. And sometimes, we discover new websites and spend time learning more about them. However, when there is a problem, a behavioural analytics program could be invaluable in finding it.

Last Say

We hope this article has excited you about cybersecurity’s future. Our digital safety is more important now than ever. So, we must do what we can to remain secure online. And the tools mentioned in this article can certainly help us stay safe.

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