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Midjourney Discord: How to Use Midjourney for Free

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The day is near when artificial intelligence will occupy a more prominent position in our daily lives, and one of the technologies making that possible is Midjourney. That is why here we will tell you everything you need to know to start using this tool for free to start creating your images.

Midjourney Discord: How to use it?

Midjourney is a tool based on artificial intelligence used to generate images from text in a model known as “text to image ”. To start using it, enter the official Discord. Once you have accepted the invitation to join the server, you can start generating your images in one of the tabs that say “newbies.” It may be clear now, but you need a Discord account to use Midjourney.

Midjourney Discord Use Free

To generate your first image in Midjourney, write the / imagine command in the chat box. Once you do this, the message “prompt” will appear for you to write your description immediately. These two elements must appear before you write your message. Otherwise, the chat will not be able to read your messages. Later you only have to wait a few seconds for your image to be generated and go to download it. Do not forget to accept the terms and conditions of use when developing your first image.

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The application server also allows you to add Midjourney to your Discord server. To do this, select the bot’s avatar from the list of users on the right and give it in “Add to the server.”



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