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Top 35 Most Expensive MetaZoo Trading Card Game with Winning Tricks


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Do you want to know about MetaZoo? In 2020, Mike Waddell spent most of his free weekends putting trading cards of Bigfoot, Mothman, and other strange cryptids into promo packs and sending them to potential collectors, investors, and gaming companies. He thought they might like MetaZoo, his new trading card game (TCG). He had a point. Since then, the value and popularity of MetaZoo cards have gone through the roof.

MetaZoo was started in August 2020 with $18,249 from a Kickstarter campaign. “Cryptid Nation” was the first official set, and it came out in July 2021. MetaZoo’s most recent Kickstarter campaign raised more than $1.8 million as of January of this year, and you can buy MetaZoo cards at big stores like Walmart.

Some investors and collectors have said that MetaZoo is like a first-edition Pokémon Go Charizard hologram or an unopened box of Magic: The Gathering booster packs. On the secondary market, a small number of sample MetaZoo cards that are now considered rare can sell for thousands of dollars. Some rare cards, like the Red Ink First Secret Rare Box Topper, which is for sale on eBay for $20,000, let you call in even more. Big names in the collectibles market, like Steve Aoki, have also joined MetaZoo.

What is MetaZoo?

MetaZoo is a Cryptids-inspired Kickstarter/TCG. The creatures, spells, and artifacts in Cryptid Nation are the theme of the TCG. The first set, which was funded on Kickstarter, is based on US cryptids like Bigfoot, Mothman, Jersey Devil, and others. This probably means that the designers want to keep their design options open for whatever comes next.

It is a TCG like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. The game “MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation” is based on breaking the fourth wall, or “meta.” This means that the beasts and spells will be stronger or weaker depending on where you play. For instance, if you play when it’s raining, water creatures and spells will be stronger. In the middle of winter, playing near a fire makes your flame spells twice as strong.

But your opponent’s snow beasts will get stronger and might even be able to avoid direct attacks. So, the setting is a very important part of the game. So, you can build your deck to fit your environment, which will make your beasts stronger.

How Do You Play MetaZoo Card Game?

In MetaZoo, you are a sorcerer who uses your spellbook to control magic and animals. You battle against other casters to win. You can use the cards and pages to attack your opponent or defend yourself. When you win, your opponent’s life points go from 1000 to 0. But you also have to make sure they can’t do the same thing to you. You do this with spells that either make it easier to draw cards or make it harder to draw cards. You can win the game in two ways: 1) Take away all 1000 of your opponent’s life points; 2) Be the first player to take away 500 of your opponent’s life points. Every card in the game arts medal has two sides.

One side is for your opponent, and the other is yours. The two sides of these cards are called “flip sides.” Players can use different skills depending on their situation at any given time if they flip their cards (attacking, defending, drawing more cards). In metazoa games, the goal is to be able to turn over more and more cards into your column until it’s full and starts to take up all ten spaces on the table. When one player flips all ten cards into their column, the game is over.

How Much Does It Cost?

All you can see right now are the prices for the Kickstarter first editions. Most are well over $2,000 each. They might keep going up as more of the first edition comes out. See what the price is on eBay.

The secondary market is the only place where you can buy and sell MetaZoo cards. We are waiting for the first wave of the non-Kickstarter first edition to come out. MetaZoo’s Bazaar market has been open for a while. But, unfortunately, they shut it down so that people don’t have to buy and sell everything on eBay, private forums, and Discord.

Where to Buy MetaZoo?

You can preorder a MetaZoo game on the MetaZoo marketplace or buy it from a TCG store near you. You can use the site’s store locator to find a store near you that sells the games. All you have to do is type in your location, the size of the search area, and how big the search area is. You can also order online from eBay or Amazon Kindle. Remember that this is only for cards that MetaZoo has already put out.

How Many MetaZoo Cards are There?

There were 93 different sample cards in the “set,” and exactly 100 copies of each card were made. With some simple math, we can figure out that there have been a total of 9,300 MetaZoo Cryptid Nation sample cards printed.

Why is MetaZoo so Expensive?

It turns out that the real reason for the huge amount of funding is that each level of support gets you MetaZoo TCG promo cards. The higher tiers had special promo cards that were only 1 in 1000 or 1 in 250, which could make them very valuable in a TCG.

Is MetaZoo a Good Investment?

A lot of buyers and sellers are making guesses about MetaZoo’s long-term success, and it looks like the company is committed to growing its product line and brand. But this product has a few problems that investors should think about before buying anything from MetaZoo.

The fact that the game uses a player’s physical environment is a big problem. This makes MetaZoo a very complicated game to play, both in a competitive setting and online.

As we’ve seen, every successful card game has moved to a digital marketing platform that lets players connect and battle over the internet. But how will this be done in a game where the player has to figure out what’s going on around them in real-time?

Also, the location of a tournament should logically have a big impact on competitive play. This would lead to mostly boring formats where many of the same cards and strategies are used. How exciting will that be for people to watch? Will these tournaments get the help of advertisers so that attendees and players have a great time?

What Distributors Does MetaZoo Use?

Here is a list of distributors that are being used by MetaZoo Games around the world.

Stores Based in The US:

  • Golden Distribution,
  • Peachstate Hobby Distribution
  • Channel Fireball

Stores Based in Canada:

  • Universal Distribution

Stores Based in Australia/New Zealand:

  • Let’s Play Games

Stores Based in Europe/UK:

  • Asmodee

Top 35 Most Expensive MetaZoo Cards

MetaZoo is a collectible trading card game that became popular after a successful Kickstarter campaign in the middle of 2021. Since then, both players and collectors have grown to like it. This article will try to make a list of the twenty most expensive MetaZoo cards.

  1. Mothman Sample
  2. Kickstarter version – Mothman
  3. Mothman (Signed Collect-a-Con Version)
  4. Red Ink
  5. Indrid Cold Sample Version
  6. Wendigo
  7. Jersey Devil
  8. Grim Reaper
  9. Mothman 1st Edition
  10. Headless Coal Miner
  11. River of Time
  12. Indrid Cold
  13. Righteous Reckoning
  14. Flood the Earth
  15. Headless Horseman
  16. Old Scratch
  17. Cryptid Nation Promo
  18. New Year’s New Beginnings
  19. Powerup Red
  20. Death Beam

Why is MetaZoo so Popular?

Players love Meta Zoo game cards because they can make their own deck. There are different kinds of cards in a deck. And will have at least 40 cards and as many as 60 cards. Players put together their own decks by buying cards from other players. Or, get by ripping open booster packs (packs contain 12 random cards). Cards are put into groups based on how rare they are. Common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and holographic cards are all examples. They can also be made to look like foil (a shiny version of a common or uncommon card) or gold (a shiny version of a rare or ultra-rare card). To beat their opponents, players make decks with different strategies and looks.

The mana system is an important part of the game because it determines how long it takes for a card’s effect to happen. Mana points must come from the land, from creatures, and from spells. For lands to give you one mana point per turn, one-third of your mana pool must come from them. When played on an empty board, creatures generate two mana points per turn cycle and spells generate three mana points per turn cycle. If there are already five creatures in play, however, each creature only generates one mana point per turn cycle. For example, if your opponent has three creatures in play, you would need four creatures on your side to get two mana points each turn instead of just one.


Even though I’ve talked about a lot of things here, I hope you now know whether or not MetaZoo is a good investment.

I think the answer is a firm YES to some things and a firm NO to other things. If you do what I say, I’m sure you’ll make smart choices about your own MetaZoo collection and investments.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this topic or ideas for other posts you’d like to see here. I’d like to hear what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MetaZoo

How much did it raise?

MetaZoo’s Kickstarter for playing cards just raised $1 million in just one day.

When was MetaZoo released?

It’s a done deal. We’re happy to let you know that MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation (1st Edition) will be out on July 30, 2021.

Is MetaZoo real?

MetaZoo is a Cryptids-inspired Kickstarter/TCG. The creatures, spells, and artifacts in Cryptid Nation are the theme of the TCG. The first set, which was funded on Kickstarter, is based on US cryptids like Bigfoot, Mothman, Jersey Devil, and others.

What is the next MetaZoo set?

MetaZoo Games LLC will put out a new booster set called MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation – UFO 1st Edition on July 29, 2022.

How much did it make on Kickstarter?

MetaZoo is a trading card game (TCG) about cryptids like Bigfoot, Mothman, Slide-Rock Bolter, Indrid Cold, and the Flatwoods Monster! 255 people have pledged a total of $18,249 to help make this project happen.

Who Manufactures MetaZoo?

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is a trading card game that was made by Michael Waddell and will be released soon. It is currently in the fundraising phase. The first card set, called “Beasties,” will feature U.S. cryptids like Bigfoot, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, the Flatwoods Monster, and Indrid Cold.

How many old scratches have been pulled from that?

It’s not clear which MetaZoo products Old Scratch could come from, but Booster Boxes have been confirmed. There were 100 Old Scratch cards sent out all over the world, and it is the second secret rare card that MetaZoo Games has put out.

How long has MetaZoo been out?

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is the first game from MetaZoo Games. It came out today, July 30, after a Kickstarter campaign in the spring. The card game is based on both old and new folklore. It has creatures that look like Pokémon, like Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and the Mothman.

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