Game Art Services: What are They and Why Do You Need Them?

When you play any video game, what do you enjoy the most? Maybe, it is the gameplay? Or some interesting features and abilities that a game provides you with? All of that is important, it’s no doubt! But the most spectacular part of each game is the work of a game artist. Let’s talk about what game art is and who provides game art services. For this, we applied for an expert opinion from the Stepico game art studio’s specialists.

Explaining the Process of Game Development and Design

First of all, what does the whole process of game development consist of? There are main stages that are obligatory for each gaming product development. Here’s the list:

  • Developing the concept of the game and its scenario.
  • Analyzing the market and competitors to make the product unique and in demand.
  • Deciding on the technologies to use for the game development process.
  • Working on the design and game art.
  • Developing front-end and back-end sides of a game.
  • Providing UX/UI features in the game design.
  • Testing the game to avoid its breakdowns and bugs.
  • Promoting the product and launching it to the market.

As you can see, game art is one of the crucial stages of each game’s development. So, let’s consider what it is and why you need it.

Game Art Services at a Glance

The most important thing in the whole game art process is the development of all visual elements of the game. Everything that you can see on the screen is the work of a game artist. Often in the field of his responsibility lies the rendering of elements such as the following:

  • The very concept of the game, the development of concept art, the selection of a drawing style, colors, and branded features of the game, by which players will immediately recognize it.
  • Sprites, that is all the game assets that you see during the game. These are the characters themselves, their opponents, and game items; in general, everything that is only used in the gameplay.
  • The characters of the game and their avatars, inventory, appearance, clothing, and equipment. This is one of the essential elements of the game, and given that there is usually a huge number of characters in games, it can be understood that the game artist does a tremendous job.
  • Landscapes and environment. In a well-rendered game, even moving between locations will be rendered with high quality and in great detail.

In general, all the elements of the game that you see are the work of a game artist. In order to convey the idea of the game, such a specialist does not just apply their artistic skills and uses the most appropriate techniques. The key to the success of the game art designer is constant collaboration and correlation of their work with producers, project managers, designers, scriptwriters, and developers to accurately reflect the spirit of the game, its principles, and its idea.

Whom to Engage to Get Great Game Art Services

When it comes to the choice of a game artist, whom will you engage? There are several options. Firstly, you can hire a freelance artist but there is also a probability that they won’t meet your requirements or they will conduct several projects at once that will badly impact results.

A more comfortable option is to hire an outsourcing team where game artists and designers work together effectively. In this case, it will help you get the result you’ve been looking for. What’s more, a game art outsourcing studio is more reliable than a freelancer as it cares about its reputation immensely. 

Game art is actually what makes the game catchy and recognizable. So, it is crucial to develop it impeccably. A well-chosen game art outsourcing company is the first step to an epic game. We are Stepico and we are a reliable game art studio with broad experience in creating eye-catching art and a hefty portfolio to prove our worth. Contact us to get a taste of our exceptional game art services now!

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