Four Forms of Medical Negligence

When we enter a medical center, be that a hospital or the doctor, we are usually there for a painful reason and require urgent medical assistance. The NHS is filled with some of the finest medical professionals in the world which means we are in safe hands for the most part.  

However, from time to time, the service we receive is less than adequate and results in even more damage being done to our bodies.  

This is known as medical negligence and when it occurs, we can be left broken, anxious and in some cases, it can be fatal. In 2020/21, there were over 12,000 medical negligence claims brought forward which is only a small fraction of the 16 million hospital visits made every year.  

Many people may not be fully aware of what medical negligence looks like. This article will aim to inform, educate and provide peace of mind on what the four forms of medical negligence are.  

Medical misdiagnosis 

When you go into the hospital, you expect a correct and proper diagnosis of your condition. This diagnosis will be the basis for the surgery, medication, and rehabilitation that will take place and so, if it is wrong then it could lead to more health problems down the line.  

Misdiagnosis can come in a few different forms: 

  • Late diagnosis  
  • Missed diagnosis  
  • Incorrect diagnosis 

Nursing care  

Nurses take care of patients on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that they are comfortable and supporting doctors when tending to them. Nurses can be negligent, however, if they do not follow proper hygiene standards, inform doctors of declining health or administer the wrong medication.  

Head or brain injury  

Head and brain injuries are amongst the most severe. If you’ve suffered a brain and head injury following medical negligence, you may be due compensation. This could come in the form of a late diagnosis of head trauma, or misdiagnosis of a stroke or tumor.  

Cosmetic surgery  

Cosmetic surgery is usually done to improve someone’s body image so they feel better about themselves. When something goes wrong, however, the situation becomes much worse and can lead to severe anxiety and trauma.  

As you can see, there are many different forms of medical negligence which shows just how many things can go wrong under a healthcare professional’s supervision. This can bring about a lot of trauma and so, you may be able to claim compensation.  

Whilst the thought of claiming compensation may make you feel uncomfortable, it is money you deserve for poor healthcare. If you’re anxious about being in court too, you need not worry as most medical negligence claims will be settled outside of court.   


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