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Life Hacks for School Students

Education is a necessary part of our life. It could be boring, but in advanced times there are a lot of possibilities to make it easier and reduce an amount of useful activities, for example, by using paper checker online or a calculator.

Life hacks for school, how not to lose and quickly find notebooks on the right subject

A modern schoolboy has to sit through several lessons a day. And for each subject you need a separate notebook. There are many of them, and the covers are little different from each other.

 Sometimes parents just bought the same notebooks in bulk. And if you add to them the books that lie in the student’s briefcase or backpack, it turns out a lot of things that can not be quickly understood

.But there are several ways to quickly find the right notebooks before class and save time on a change:

– The easiest way is to put a notebook on the subject in the right textbook.

– You can use stationery erasers to connect the subject notebook to the textbook.

– Make a notebook for each item visually distinguishable. You can use colored stickers for this. It only remains to remember which color corresponds to which object. No stickers? No problem. If the notebooks are thick enough, you can decorate the corners with felt-tip pens

Lifehacks to school, allowing you to work with large amounts of information

 The modern schoolboy has to carry out many tasks. After lessons you need to read a textbook, a notebook and do your homework. Some educators and parents have doubts about the appropriateness of homework, and in some countries they have been canceled altogether. But until the magic time to study without a home has come, you can use life hacks about working with information, and learning will be much easier:

– Write in the margins and emphasize. Is there a large synopsis in the notebook that needs to be worked out? No problem. Here is a useful tip: in any sentence there are words that reflect the meaning, and those that serve only for the connection and logic of the statement. You need to take colored markers and emphasize only words and phrases that reflect the essence of the information.

– Draw and write key phrases on cards. With a well-developed imagination, you can replace words with the pictures with which these words are associated. The technique of such recording is called sketching. Instead of the text on several pages it allows to create a picture in one page and at the same time to keep sense of the written. It also helps to effectively store large amounts of information. And in order to make notes in the form of sketches, you do not need to be a professional artist. It is enough to use the basic figures: a line, a point, a circle, a square and a triangle.

Life hacks for physical education

Physical education is an important subject that allows you to maintain good health, and if the teacher is in a good mood, then play mobile games. But the problem remains: for physical education you need a sports uniform that you need to carry with you. She is not allowed to attend other lessons. In the first months of autumn and spring, when weather conditions allow, physical education classes are held outdoors. And after them, every student faces a problem: how to fold the form so that sneakers or running shoes do not soil it. To do this, there is a great life hack: put on sneakers boot covers. After that, they can be safely transported together with the form. To make the form take up less space and not crumple, it should be folded into a tube. Lifehacks for school for girls, who often need only a T-shirt, shorts and golfs for physical education, recommend the following: fold a bag from one golf, compactly fold shorts and a T-shirt. Roll everything up and pack in a golf bag. So the sports form takes a minimum of place.

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