Getting a Leg Up in the Lending Landscape: How Lenders Can Remain Competitive in 2022

Remaining competitive in the lending industry requires constantly studying new tools and techniques, from embracing technology to improving service funnels. Even though the table stakes are rising, there are several effective ways lenders can remain competitive in 2022.

Investing in loan servicing software

Loan servicing software makes it easier to automate many parts of the lending process. Automation leads directly to benefits like fewer calculation errors, reductions in risk, saving time, and increasing overall profitability throughout the department.

In short, loan servicing software lets you accomplish more with the same number of employees. This increased efficiency makes it an excellent tool to implement before you start expanding your loan funnels and finding more customers.

Improving loan funnels

Loan funnels, which are the systems that bring customers in and encourage them to apply for loans, are the central pillar of any lending business. Improving funnels can mean anything from finding new advertising opportunities to streamlining the application process.

However, the most critical part of improving funnels is managing the workload to ensure steady service levels. If a loan funnel changes too rapidly, customers may drift away because their loan applications are taking too long.

Helping customers

You can help customers in many ways, and the reason is simple: people tend to reciprocate. If customers remember that you’re helpful and easy to work with, they’re much more likely to return when they need a loan. Something as simple as educating people about their CIBIL score can help bring back their business when you need it.

Similarly, people may want to know about their eligibility for home loans. You don’t have to wait for consumers to contact you. Instead, you can actively seek out bank customers who don’t seem to own property and send them informative material. If these leads realize they’re in a good position to buy property, they’ll come into your funnel.

Adapt scalable techniques

Loan servicing software is scalable, but it’s not the only part of the lending process that can adapt to demand. Investing in scalable back-office software and techniques can help you handle sudden changes in customer demand without sacrificing too much of your team’s focus on quality.

At the same time, keep an eye on bottlenecks in your current process and look for ways to ease them. Technological solutions also work well, but don’t be afraid to hire additional employees as necessary.

Keep an eye on alternative lenders

Alternative lenders, meaning any lenders that aren’t a traditional bank or credit union, can use highly disruptive systems and eat away at your market share. This disruption is especially true for alternative lenders targeting people right before they become eligible for traditional loans.

Remaining competitive in situations like these requires a case-by-case approach. That’s why you should keep an open mind about modifying loan rates and finding more ways to entice customers to do business with you.

Speed is everything

When you get right down to it, speed is one of the most crucial metrics in lending. Processing loans quickly means happier customers who tell their friends how easy it was to work with you. Spotting fraud quickly means fewer hours wasted on a bad loan. Auditing work quickly means employees can spend more time on their primary jobs.

Improving your speed is always a good idea if you want to remain competitive as a lender.

Final thoughts

Flexibility is the key to success in modern lending. Most people think of lending institutions as grumpy and traditionalist businesses, but embracing change can help you accomplish more in less time. Just don’t forget to meet your regulatory responsibilities while you’re changing things.


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