Empowering the Creator Economy of India – Kohbee Teaching App

The education sector has made significant progress in recent years. We have seen a high growth rate in e-learning platforms, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic. E-learning has been projected to be more popular than traditional classrooms across various schools and learning institutes around the globe. The demand for online tutors and content-creators is only growing as a result of all this enhancement. As students are getting conscious about their grades and career choices, online coaching and learning from experts has become very popular among them. Apart from the academic boom, the creator economy of India is rampantly getting bigger and more popular. Larger audiences are becoming mainstream for various creators. In this scenario, Kohbee is here to empower the creator-educators of a new India.

The idea of Kohbee was conceptualized by IIT (BHU) alumni Rohan Sinha, Shashwat Aditya, and Siddharth Chauhan after they had to deal with issues when offering online classes in their respective fields. They decided to build a smooth application that would allow any user to create and teach course classes at the touch of a button, removing all barriers to those who wanted an education transcending a physical classroom. Their vision is truly revolutionary as they attempt to make people rethink content generation and distribution in India.

“60 percent of these creator-educators do not have access to a laptop. We wanted to solve this problem for the education industry which is why Kohbee is the first mobile-based SAAS platform for this market providing everything in one place. Other platforms are providing the same services for 3 times the amount and the user requires a laptop/PC. The way we have built Kohbee can be considered as a ‘Done for You’ solution as opposed to other  ‘Do It Yourself’ solutions out there which allow aspiring creator-educators to dream big.”- Rohan Sinha, Co-founder

Kohbee’s solutions make teachers’ lives easier. This educational app makes a hassle-free path for anyone interested in teaching. Wherever you are, you have tools and technology at your fingertips. All thanks to the dedicated team of great developers who have painstakingly developed features with their utmost care so they make life easier for teachers. They truly understand the difficulties teachers face on a daily basis as more and more courses become online only. Kohbee’s team is ready to support its educators wherever it can whether you are an experienced teacher or just starting out because even if you haven’t done this before, Kohbee is there to support your online teaching journey!

If you’re a coach, teacher, or someone who takes information to social media sites and/or creates YouTube video content, Kohbee will help you bypass the tedious process of using different tools in order to create and maintain your own website. It is a customized internet platform that offers many tools for users to manage courses, presentations, sales pages, membership services, and more! You can use special deals as incentives to convert leads into paid members. Keep track of every single one of these potential students by using the Kohbee App as well.

“The number of creators on YouTube has grown from 20 million to 47 million globally during the pandemic and this will only go up, 40% of these creators are in the domain of education which puts the number of creator-educators at roughly 20 million globally, with an estimated 6 million creator-educators in India. The most common source of revenue for such educators is 1:1 coaching and pre-recorded courses and hence the need for a platform like Kohbee arises to help these creator-educators monetize their content efficiently.”Siddharth Chauhan, Co-founder

Kohbee has recently raised USD 235,000 from notable investors such as Saurabh Aggarwal (Founder, Fitso), Ankit Mehrotra (CEO, Dineout), Fortunexus, Ah! Ventures, and many more. This provides a strong belief in the vision of Kohbee team to add serious value to the lives of creator-educators in India. “With this funding, Kohbee aims to build a strong core team to address the biggest problems educators face today. Like any other Edtech startup, we only have the technical know-how to accelerate growth. In the coming months, we plan to create products that educators and developers will love.” – Shashwat Aditya, the co-founder. 


Kohbee allows everyone to create their own website with ease. It lets you connect directly with your students, accept payments, and teaching online classes online. Anyone can use the app to publish your own digital content and sell it as a membership or a product or hold live sessions whenever you’re ready. Download Kohbee today.

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