Our Home Intravenous Therapy is Easy to Fit into your Busy Schedule

In-Home Intravenous Drip Administration

Purchasing optimal well-being, most members of society opt for supplements. Tablets, powders, healthy gums and candies, multivitamin dragee, and, finally, infusions. All these basically serve the single purpose — replenish levels of essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and, sometimes, amino acids.

Let’s find out why IV drips are superior to any other form of supplements mentioned. And why infusions are even more convenient than popping pills two times a day. 

What Are IV Drips?

Fluids IV are blood-compatible liquids that have supplements mixed in. The administration is done intravenously via a needle. The recommended frequency is one IV session biweekly. 

The notable advantage of IV treatment is that such delivery of nutrients bypasses the digestive system. It helps to achieve a whooping 99% absorption rate, compared to %30-40 with tablets or powders (oral forms). 

So, here is the consequential question, “what is in IV drip?” Let’s take Joocy IV Drips as a benchmark. The composition of their drips, typically, is the following:

  • Blood compatible normal saline (sterile salt in water for injection).
  • Vitamins, such as vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, and more.
  • Minerals, such as Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, etc. 
  • Amino acids such as Arginine, Glutamine, and others. 

The main point is that those are matched perfectly in a way that suits several specific purposes. Examples are hangover relief, workout support, skin enhancement, and so

Vitamin Infusion Therapy: Benefits of In-Home Administration

It’s less or more clear how IV works. But what about the place of their administration? Normally, such a procedure is done in a lab or similar “clean” place. Yet, certified nursing providers are fully capable of delivering the best drips administration even in a home environment and without compromising your safety.

The benefits of such an approach are the following:

  • As useful and complete as in-lab administration.
  • More relaxing sessions even can be compared to SPA.
  • Not wasting time to get to a lab location and get back.
  • The price is usually the same as for in-lab administration.

So, you have all the good reasons to opt for IV drips, specifically for IV drip mobile/ in-home therapy.


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