Is The Bombay Cat The Right Pet For You?

Because of the ancient belief that a black cat crossing your way is a bad omen, you might evade the Bombay cat on the road. If you believe these stories, you’re skipping out on an opportunity to engage with one of the most peaceful and friendly felines on the planet.

Surprisingly, this delicate medium-sized cat breed has no correlation to the Indian port city of the same name. In truth, they were created in 1950 by a woman named Nikki Horner in Kentucky. Her goal was to produce a cat with a lustrous black coat, powerful build, and friendly demeanor, similar to wild cats such as the Black Panther. And she definitely succeeded in getting what she wants.

Nikki fulfilled her goal by combining the Sable Burmese with black domestic shorthairs, and the Bombay Breed was formed. It also has a rounded head, eyes that range in color from copper to gold, and medium-sized ears that are positioned wide apart.

Despite the fact that a Bombay can attain maturation at the age of five months, they are slow to progress, with males achieving full size and muscle at roughly two years of age. Check out this link to find out more

Is a Bombay the best option for you?

Black Bombay Cat

The Bombay is the pet for you if you want a cat that will fit in with your family, enjoys playing and is easy to get along with dogs and visitors. Despite her ability to entertain herself, she thrives on your company and attention. She offers happiness to the family because of her kind disposition, and she is a sight to behold, with her ebony leopard elegance.

Personality and behavior

This small black panther is among the most peaceful, friendly, and playful cat breeds available. They like playing with their people, particularly kids who respect and understand their limits.

Because of their intelligence, they could be taught tricks and even walked on a tether. In fact, they flourish when their brain is challenged with games and puzzles on a regular basis. They always want to be a top cat, even if they get well with other pets.

The ideal house

Bombay cats are adaptable to live in a variety of environments, so they can thrive anywhere from a modest one-bedroom apartment to a vast farmhouse. Your Bombay should nearly always be at reaching distance, regardless of the size of your home.

This intelligent cat needs a household that is prepared to devote time to playing games and teaching them tricks. If you don’t want a cat with such high requirements, you might want to choose a different sort.

If you already have other pets or little kids, don’t be alarmed; they can get along very well as long as the dog is cat-friendly and the youngsters are respectful. They can live with many other cats if they are the dominant cat.

They prefer to remain in the hottest parts of the house, so set aside a location for them close to the window to enjoy the sunshine or near the heater in the winter. Click on this page to learn more.


The Bombay’s striking lustrous black coat requires little maintenance, with only a needed weekly brushing to remove loose hair and disperse skin oils.

You should also clip their nails as necessary, normally once a week, to avoid them becoming trapped in rugs or furniture and breaking. Get your cat acclimated to getting their nails cut while they’re a kitten to make this process easier for you as well as your cat.

Check their ears once a week for infection, which manifests as unusual redness, unpleasant odor, and occasionally discharge, among other signs. Wipe them by using a cotton ball moistened with a light cleanser suggested by your veterinarian to avoid infection.

Finally, clean their teeth regularly to avoid gum disease and tartar build-up, which can result in trips to the vet hospital for expensive dental treatment.


They are relatively healthy pets, although they are susceptible to a genetic condition known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Craniofacial Defect.

Other potential health issues could originate from their small muzzle, which could create breathing problems. They may be rather greedy and like to consume more than most breeds. So it’s critical to keep a close eye on their intake to avoid obesity.

Living requirements

A multi-level scratch post or jumping tower is enjoyed by Bombays, who are powerful, quick climbers as well as jumpers. Because they’re naturally active cats, a range of toys are beneficial, including those that let you engage in activities with them, as the feline enjoys doing so with their human partners.

They could also be taught to walk on leashes, as mentioned above. So if you’d like to spend more time outside and take them for a stroll, your furry friend is likely to appreciate the fresh air and company.

Interesting Facts

Despite the fact that Bombay cat breeders breed them for their patent-black coats, some are born completely white. Within a year, their coats darken.

The coat of the Bombay it’s not the only thing that’s ebony. Their noses, eyelashes, footpads, and whiskers are all a deep shade of black. You might not be able to spot your kitty in the dark right away because they are completely dark. But, the eyes can be detected from a mile away.

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