A Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Your Small Business on Instagram

Every business understands the importance of marketing. Unfortunately, when it comes to spending on ads, most small businesses don’t have the financial power to compete favorably with bigger ones. However, the good news is that Instagram marketing offers some sort of leverage that small businesses can take advantage of.

But how do you capitalize on Instagram marketing to boost the reach of your small business? Here is a step-by-step guide to marketing your small business on Instagram.

Focus on your target audience

As a small business owner, you should note that your Instagram marketing is not meant for everyone. To get the most out of your marketing, you should rather focus on your target audiences, which include people you need to please. Your target audiences are the people that will purchase your product or service. So, you should look for a way to build your Instagram marketing around them.

Optimize your Instagram profile to promote your business

Firstly, you should create a particular profile for your business. Don’t use your personal page for marketing your business to avoid a clash of personalities. Using your personal Instagram profile for your business can be quite confusing for many Instagram users. Unfortunately, such confusion can only deter Instagram users from following you or doing business with you.

Once you have created a business profile, you need to write an eye-catching bio that tells your audience what your business can do for them. You only have 150 characters; hence, you must go straight to the point.

Additionally, you need to use your business logo as your Instagram profile picture. Alternatively, you can utilize another picture that indicates the service or product of your business. Your contact info, website link, and call-to-action button are other things that you should add to your Instagram profile.

Make your brand visually aesthetic

You don’t need anyone to remind you of how aesthetic Instagram is. Therefore, you have to build a visual aesthetic for your business on the platform. To achieve this, you must create recurring themes for the content you will be uploading. For instance, if you run a restaurant, you want to focus on showcasing the food that you offer your clients. You can also include pictures of any consenting customers.

Over time, your audiences will associate your brand with such content. They may even look for you on Instagram whenever they need the products or services you offer. However, you can also experiment with other kinds of content as long as it is relevant to your brand.

Capture and upload amazing photos and videos

After determining the themes you want to use for your Instagram business page, you need to fill your page with colorful and awesome photos and videos. If you can afford to hire a professional photographer to capture your videos and photos, you will do your business lots of goods. However, if you cannot afford this, you can use a mobile phone to capture exceptional pictures and videos. 

You only need to learn how to edit photos and videos to stand out. Generally, Instagram photo editing usually involves adding logos and frames, changing brightness and contrast, and designing infographics. Editing apps for smartphones can come in handy here.

Don’t allow harsh light to spoil your photos and always prioritize natural light. In addition, when capturing an image, you should do so from various angles.

Always include captivating captions

Captions also have an important role they play in attracting followers to your Instagram page. With the aid of a good caption, you can add more meaning to your photo for creating trust and empathy. Sometimes, you can use a witty or funny caption to spark engagement on your Instagram post.

Nonetheless, you must have a brand voice for writing the captions. This ensures consistency. Having a brand voice could include using some particular hashtags, adding emojis, or sticking to a specific writing style.

Utilize Instagram Live and Story

One of the important steps small businesses must take for Instagram marketing is using Instagram Live regularly. Lots of digital marketing specialists are taking advantage of Instagram to boost their brands, so you must also do the same thing for your small business.

There are several things you can do with Instagram Live. From hosting a Q&A session to announcing a new product or service, and conducting an interview, Instagram Live can help your small business in different ways. 

Instagram Story, on the other hand, can be useful for highlighting what your business has been up to. It can also add some aesthetics to your small business while still keeping your audience glued to your page.

Pay for ads

Instagram ads are known to be effective for any brand that wants to increase its audience and also sell its services or products. Therefore, you need to invest in paid Instagram ads.

In addition, don’t hesitate to buy followers and likes for your Instagram page. You can get in touch with Instant Famous to purchase as many likes and followers as you want to promote your Instagram account. As you get more followers and likes, more individuals will be interested in following your page.

Find important hashtags and accounts

You need to build your audience on Instagram by finding important hashtags and accounts for each of your posts. Use key hashtags that are not only relevant to your business but can also draw more people to your Instagram page. Furthermore, you may want to tag key accounts of vendors and other individuals that will also bring more individuals to your page.

Do promotions and giveaways

Everyone loves free offers or cheap sales. So, you have to use promos and giveaways to boost your business on Instagram. But you shouldn’t offer your promos to everyone; they should only be targeted at only followers. By doing this, you will encourage lots of individuals to follow your Instagram page because they want to enjoy the promos. Giveaways should also be offered to your followers.

By following the steps above, you can use Instagram marketing to aid the growth of your small business.

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