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How to Increase Organic Instagram Likes for your Business in 2023?

Likes, double taps, hearts, favas, or whatever you want to call them, are the main way people get paid on Instagram. They have also been the main reason people have been making great content for a long time.

This post will talk about different ways to get more likes on Instagram to the Likes Geek link for more info and get more people to interact with your profile.

Unfortunately, it is no longer sufficient to provide excellent content to receive the interaction you deserve. With the transition to an algorithm-driven feed, Instagram likes have changed.

How to Increase Likes on your Instagram Business Page?

  •  Make Use of Appropriate HashtagsHow to Increase Instagram Likes in 2022?

Using hashtags to make your Instagram posts searchable by a broader audience is a fantastic approach to boost interaction with your posts. 

Instagram’s algorithm is now more intelligent than ever, and the days of getting a tonne of likes by spamming your captions with hundreds of generic #picoftheday hashtags are long gone.

Instead, when you’re making your Instagram marketing plan, you should spend some time looking into the hashtags that get the most likes to get one here.

  • Using Location Tags

It’s a terrific strategy to gain likes because Instagram posts with location tags earn 79% more engagement than those without.

When applicable, incorporate location tags into your postings so that more members of your target audience can discover and engage with your material. If you own a small business in the area and are looking to make some new connections, this is essential.

Stories can also be tagged with their location; if you want your story to stand out on a certain geographic page, use the location sticker.

  • Continual PublicationHow to Increase Instagram Likes in 2022?

The final technique we recommend for gaining Instagram likes is consistent posting activity!

There is no fixed rule for how frequently you should post on Instagram. Keep in mind nonetheless that regularity is less crucial than consistency. 

Your audience will become accustomed to the frequency of your Instagram posts, and as a result, your brand will be viewed as trustworthy, authoritative, and appealing.

  • Hold a Contest or Giveaway

Our final strategy for gaining Instagram likes is to give back to your followers.

A contest or giveaway is a terrific strategy to increase interaction on your account and archived Instagram reels.

Contests and giveaways give your followers a reason to like, comment on, and share your content since the chance to win something is seen as a fair exchange.

You may increase your Instagram following and get more exposure by holding a contest or giving away freebies and encouraging participants to share your posts with their own followers. 

  • Publish During Peak Hours.

As a result of Instagram’s algorithm updates, one of the most significant criteria for gaining likes on Instagram is posting when your audience is most engaged!

High levels of engagement in a short period of time are a solid indicator of the quality of your content and are likely to increase its visibility in search results.  This makes it more likely that it will show up in more people’s feeds and, if you’re lucky, on the Explore page.

People often argue about the best time to post on Instagram, with many brands and influencers claiming a certain day and time for the most interaction.

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