Seven Tips For Embracing Hybrid Working After A Career Break

Having a break in your working career can be for different reasons. Most people stop working for some time because they need to go back to further their education. Some people are not comfortable with combining school and work as they may not have their weekends for resting. So, they would rather take breaks from work for a while to pursue their education. Women also get short breaks from work in the form of maternity leave. It usually lasts for some months. Coming back to work after a break is not that easy because you would have to change your routine and lifestyle again. Hybrid working comes in handy during this phase because it can make things a lot easier for you by allowing you to work from anywhere. Here are some tips for embracing hybrid working after a career break.

Create a comfortable home office

If you are not going to be going to the office as usual when you used to work, then you will need to create an office-like environment that you can work from. You can look for a room that is away from every other room to help keep away the distraction from other activities in the house. Set this up to office environment standards by using bright-colored lighting, painting the walls bright, and getting furniture that is ergonomic. This furniture will help you attain a good posture since you may be sitting at your desk for long hours every day.

Work from other public office-like environments

If you are going to be embracing hybrid working, it is only necessary to make sure you deliver like when you are in the office. If you are not able to achieve working from home, you can go for the option of coworking spaces.

Coworking is an arrangement that allows workers of different companies to share an office space. This allows cost savings and convenience from using common infrastructures like utilities, custodial services, and office equipment. They could even share a receptionist, parcel acceptance services, and even refreshments. Working from a coworking space around your home will make things easier for you when returning to work after a career break. This will save you the stress of having to do long journeys to work every day.

Plan your week

When coming off a long or short career break to start working again, your weekly activities will face a steep change and if you do not plan, you will find it difficult to blend in. With flexibility from embracing hybrid working, things will be a lot easier, given that you may not have to do long journeys to and fro work every day. With hybrid working, you can decide to work from anywhere at any time. It could be from home, from a coworking area, or even from the office. You will need to plan and know which will be comfortable for you on every working day of the week.

Get some office tools

If you are going to be working remotely, you will have to get all the tools you need for your office so you will be able to deliver your jobs excellently well. If your company makes these available to you, that would be great but if you need to get some other office tools like a printer and scanner, make sure you get them. When you have all your office tools available to you, it will help you keep off making split-second decisions to go to the office just so you can have access to the tools you need but don’t have.

Relate more with your colleagues

To be able to blend in well with office activities after some break especially because you are practicing hybrid working, you will need to catch up on lost time. The only way to do this is by collaborating more with your office colleagues. There may be many innovative methods that have been implemented in doing the jobs you used to do before you got back. So, to make things easier for you, you need to talk with your colleagues more to be able to work remotely most of the time.

Enroll for more training

This is necessary for you to learn those things you would have forgotten while on break. There is also a possibility that there are new methods of handling some job functions. Enrolling in some training modules will help you understand these new methods and be able to apply them while practicing hybrid working. There are usually practicals after training and it would make it easier for you to adapt to things you had forgotten or have a full understanding of the new methods of carrying out some office activities.

Work smarter and be proactive

Working out of the office requires more from you so that those you report to will not be overwhelmed. It is a different scenario to working from the office because if there are any issues, your manager could simply walk to your desk and have things sorted out. Since you will be embracing hybrid working after a career break, you will need to be proactive and work smarter, Always ask questions and never be shy. After all, you will not be face to face with whom you would be making inquiries. You need to remember that you have to be as effective as when you were working from the office.

Final word

So many companies are embracing hybrid working these days and it is working for them. Employees can now work from anywhere, especially from home, and not have to travel long journeys away from loved ones to pursue their careers. If you are coming back from a career break, hybrid working would make things easier for you. You only need to adapt to your new working style and these tips above will guide you.


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