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How to Get up Early to Seize the Day, Even if you Don’t Like It?

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Getting up early to seize the day is almost a mythological idea we all hear about, but few of us know. And it is clear, it would seem, that in any reading, video, or information regarding improving the quality of life, make the most of the day.

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Even have energy and productivity they recommend we get out of bed as soon as the sun rises (or even before)or even have energy and productivity. They recommend we get out of bed as soon as the sun rises (or even before). However, just because the idea is popular and recommended does not mean it is easy. In fact, for some people, it can be downright torture.

And this can be for many reasons. On the one hand, waking up early may be difficult for people because they haven’t gotten enough restful sleep, either because they don’t get deep, restorative sleep or because they suffer from uncomfortable sleep disorders, such as insomnia. It may also be that due to the consumption of some medications such as antidepressants, getting up early is much more physically complicated than we would like, or it may even simply be due to a lack of habit if, for many years, you have slept until your body decides that it wants to get up. You have not gotten used to doing it early, or, of course, if substances such as alcohol have been abused before bed.

But if getting up early causes many people discomfort, and they see it impossible, how can you make it part of your routine? To help you, we share some tips for waking up early and starting the day with energy and a good attitude.

Sleep Early

This first point may seem obvious, but the truth is that not many people take it into account. If you are looking for a routine that will allow you to make the most of the day by getting up early, you should know that nobody is waiting for you to sacrifice your hours of sleep, much less your health. Instead, it is about readjusting your sleep hours without neglecting the rest your body needs.

Put the Cell Phone in Another Room

One of the tricks that those of us who cannot wake up early do the most is turn off the alarm repeatedly without even getting out of bed. One way to stop this habit is to change the cell phone’s location when sleeping and set the alarm for when we want to wake up so that to turn it off, we have to get out of bed and enter another room. If possible, make the space where your cell phone is a reminder of what you must do, for example, in a studio where you work. Once out of bed, staying awake is easier than waving your hand a little to turn off the alarm clock.

Count to Ten

When you wake up, your mind is probably very focused on returning to sleep—almost like an obsessive thought. Try to distract yourself by counting to ten. Maybe when you’re done, you’ve managed to focus so much on something else that your body doesn’t feel as much pressure to go back to bed anymore.

Self-care Routine

An excellent way to get up early without feeling so bored or exhausted is to start the day with a self-care routine that gets you physically active and helps you feel good. For example, using skin care products, taking a shower, making coffee, or whatever helps you feel good when you wake up makes that moment feel valuable and not like torture.

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