The Ultimate Guide: How to Get More Views On Youtube Shorts?

YouTube shorts are YouTube videos that YouTube creators create that mostly last less than 5 minutes. YouTube shorts have become the norm of YouTube because they are easy to create, users easily engage with them, and they are said to gain more views than long videos. This makes sense because people do not like watching a video for more than ten minutes unless it’s a movie. After all, it gets boring.

YouTube shorts are easy to create, and with great strategies, you can gain many views on your YouTube videos. At times as a beginner on YouTube, you might experience a difficult time getting YouTube views. You should consider other easy and fast ways of getting YouTube views on your YouTube short videos, like buying YouTube short views. In this article, we will inform you and guide you on how to get more views on your YouTube short videos.

1. Buy YouTube views

There are many ways of getting more views on your YouTube video, and one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting YouTube short video views is buying YouTube views from social media promotion services like Viewsta. This smm panel allows users to buy YouTube views on shorts at affordable prices.

The user can buy as many as 10,000 views. The cost of buying YouTube views varies from one service to another, but the average price is $5 per 1000 views. The user also has the opportunity to buy either organic or inorganic views. To identify a legit social media promotion service from which to buy YouTube views, check the service reviews online and ensure the site is secure. Choosing a fake site to buy YouTube views from can lead to your account being suspended.

2. Create High-quality Videos

Creating high-quality videos for your YouTube short videos can enable you to get many YouTube views on your videos. Creating high-quality video mostly depends on the type of camera you are using and the editing software you use. Invest in a good quality camera and a ring light so as to get good picture quality.

It has been proven that short videos with high-quality videos tend to have more views than those with poor-quality videos. Many users are captivated by high-quality videos. This means a high-quality video is more likely to attract users than a low-quality one. This shows you will get many views on your short videos if you invest in high-quality videos.

3. Interact with your Audience

Your audience is your viewers on YouTube. The bigger the audience, the more the views. If your audience loves your videos, they will likely subscribe and keep watching them. So how do you interact with your audience? Interacting with your audience is very easy. You can decide to respond to their comments individually or use the automatically generated responses on YouTube, such as emojis and gifs.

The audience enjoys when the creator interacts with them and responds to their comments. This makes them feel appreciated for their time, and it also makes them feel as if they are in good connection with the creator. You can also interact with your audience by asking them to comment on what they wish to see next time in the videos. This will give you a clear concept of what your users want to see next time, thus increasing the number of viewers.

4. Post Regularly

Posting regularly is the road to creating a successful YouTube channel with many viewers. Posting regularly is beneficial since it helps the audience know they can expect a good video daily. Short videos make it possible to post as many as 4 short videos daily that entertain the viewer.

It is also important that as you post regularly, you should post at the same time every day. This will help people know when to anticipate a new video they can enjoy. Doing this will also ensure that you get views regularly and every day. This can also increase your overall views daily.

5. Use Keywords

In the search suggestion, YouTube uses an algorithm to rank videos according to their keywords. This means that if your video has many keywords, when people search for a particular video that has a keyword in your video, the video will be ranked higher than the rest. This means that people will likely click on the video to watch since it will be displayed as the first choice.

Other than that, you should consider using keywords in your video titles so as to show the viewer what the video is all about. If the keyword in the video title is compelling, they are likely to view the video, hence more views on the video. Creators who use keywords in their videos tend to have increased views on their YouTube short videos.

6. Use Hashtags

A YouTube video is never complete without hashtags. Hashtags give the audience an idea of what to expect in the video. You can add emojis to the hashtags to make them more attractive. The hashtags should include relevant keywords that are also present in the video. This helps the viewer to watch the video and enjoy it since they will have an idea of what to expect.

Hashtags that include keywords can really increase the number of views you get. Using hashtags can really improve the number of views you get in a video. Most accounts that use hashtags tend to have more visitors in a day than those that do not. If you check most videos with many views, you will realize that they use hashtags frequently in their short videos. Doing the same can increase YouTube views in your short videos.


Short videos are more valuable than long videos because people enjoy watching short videos. You can get more views on your YouTube video by buying views from social media promotion services or creating interesting videos. Use the above tips to get more views on your YouTube short video.

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