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Phone Turning Off During Video Playback? Learn How to Fix It?

Screen Turns Off When Watching Video

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Does your cell phone automatically turn off when you view a video? This section will describe the potential causes of this issue and the most effective solutions.

It is very common for mobile devices to experience this type of failure; however, you should not be concerned, as the solution is straightforward and straightforward.

Why Does My Cell Phone Screen Turn Off When I Watch Videos?

The rapid evolution of mobile devices has enabled us to conduct countless functions with them. One of the most remarkable is viewing videos on the screen of my cell phone.

These options enable us to view all types of videos on our mobile devices or on SmarTV, as well as series and films of our choosing, and to have improved access to and use of our cell phones.

However, when opening a projection on our mobile phone, it may power off and require a restart in order to function normally and play videos on the display of my mobile phone.

Viruses are typically responsible for this issue on your mobile device. This occurs when we download applications of questionable provenance, which are likely to infect your mobile device with malware.

Consequently, if you are experiencing such a problem, you can attempt some of the solutions that we will outline in this article, and you will be able to see the complete solution.

Data saver is on

This option on your phone provides many benefits, but if it is activated, it may lack certain features.

Energy save mode

This feature cannot be enabled on a cell phone while viewing videos, as doing so would have negative consequences.

Bad internet connection

Our cell phone may have a defect that causes it to turn off when viewing videos if it has not been downloaded. However, the solution is to verify your connection to this network; if you do not have one, you should also attempt to connect to another.

Errors at the charging port

With the assistance of your smartphone’s battery, you effectively preserve the device’s hardware. Similarly, if there is a problem with the charging port, it will influence you in a variety of situations. Among these, we can identify the reason why you are unable to view videos flawlessly. If you experience this inconvenience, attempt to find a solution quickly.

Presence of malware or computer virus

You must determine if any of these are present on your mobile operating system, as they will not only make it difficult for you to view videos but will also impair its functionality. If this occurs, contact a technician immediately; only he will be able to resolve the issue without affecting academics.

Crashes in recent updates

Remember that you must have the most recent versions of your applications and mobile device; this will provide you with the following benefits. Among these, you will find the option or means to view your videos in pristine condition.

How to Fix If My Cell Phone Turns Itself Off When I’m Watching Videos?

This error could be caused by the configuration of your mobile device. There is a possibility that you have configured your mobile device to dim its display after a few seconds of inactivity. What could cause my phone’s screen to switch off while viewing on an Android, iOS, or another mobile operating system?

This configuration is readily modifiable; simply follow the instructions provided below.

  • Step 1: Select the “settings” icon from the menu of your cell phone.
  • Step 2: In the configuration panel, you will see a variety of options for customizing your device. To access these options, you will need to click on the screen box of my cell phone, which you can do easily and swiftly. You do not need to perform a great deal of processing for it, and it does not turn off while you are watching, with the aid of your smartphone’s battery.
  • Step 3: is to select the option to darken your cell phone screen and configure your mobile device so that it is blocked at the specified time. In general, this configuration ranges from 5 seconds to 30 minutes of viewing time on a mobile device, regardless of the operating system.

The primary cause of this failure is the presence of a virus or malicious software on your device, which may have been acquired through the use of a pirated app.

This issue is readily solvable. You will only be required to obtain some antivirus software. Its primary function is to remove malware from your mobile device so that it functions properly and does not switch off.

Next, we will explain step-by-step how you can solve your problem using virus-cleaning applications on your mobile phone, regardless of whether it runs Android, iOS, or other software.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Play Store on your mobile device and search for an antivirus application that is compatible with your mobile device. We recommend that you acquire “Avast antivirus,” which is comprehensive, trustworthy, and compatible with a large number of mobile devices; it does not shut down.
  • Step 2: After searching for the antivirus in the Play Store on your mobile device, simply select “download” and wait for it to be installed on your mobile device.
  • Step 3: The application must be downloaded and deployed at this point. Simply input it and select the “Run smart analysis” icon to initiate the application’s cleaning process.
  • Step 4: The application notifies the user that the threat has been eradicated from any potential viruses (if any are present).
  • Step 5: is to navigate to the location of your videos and play them to confirm that the issue has been resolved successfully and that the device will no longer power off.

If, after running a virus-removal application on your mobile device, it still fails to display a projection, it may be due to a deteriorating battery. Since, if it is damaged, it could cause your mobile phone to switch off while playing a video or more.

Typically, this damage occurs when we repeatedly reboot our devices, causing the battery to drain after each reboot or closure.

If, after attempting these solutions, your device still displays this error, we recommend that you consult a professional so that he can identify the issue that prevents you from viewing videos when the screen of your mobile phone turns off. Similarly, your smartphone’s circuitry remains intact thanks to its battery.

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