6 Smart Ways to Earn Passive Income from Crypto in 2023

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Do you wish to increase your cryptocurrency and Bitcoin passive income? Would you like to know how to activate your current bitcoin revenue quickly?

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies has increased the possibilities for passive income. Making money continuously without exerting effort is the aim of creating residual income using bitcoin.

You may now put your Bitcoin to work for as long as you desire rather than incurring unwarranted trading risks, putting forth the time-consuming effort, or letting it sit idle. Create the circumstance gradually. Once established, they will continue to make money for you without any additional work on your side. Here are some ideas for creating passive cryptocurrency income sources to get you started. Combining a few different strategies will result in many automatically recurring revenue streams.

Tips  to Earn Cryptocurrency Passive Income in 2023

1. Cloud Mining

It is now possible to mine cryptocurrencies utilizing cloud computing resources that are rented rather than owned or directly operated thanks to the development of cloud mining. Anyone can register for an account, pay little, and start mining bitcoins from a distance. Crypto mining is now more accessible and lucrative for a broader range of consumers due to cloud mining enterprises.

In the US, HappyMiner was established in 2018 as a legitimate cloud mining business. Everyone can mine Bitcoin from their own house thanks to crypto mining software services, such as HappyMiner. With the cutting-edge mining technology of HappyMiner, customers can mine various coins for a reasonable cost. So, the mining industry provides them with the highest investment return.


  • Get $10 when you sign up right now.
  • The website has over 2,800K visitors from 120 different countries.
  • With the platform, you can create more than six other coins.
  • There are no deposit or service charges.
  • a wide range of investment options, including daily free packages for new cloud miners as well as hash rate contracts for several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and the Litecoin stablecoin.
  • Using the company’s affiliate program, you can refer friends and get up to a 4.5% referral bonus.
  • SSL and DDoS defense are used to safeguard and secure the system.
    Daily interest rates for the various high-return schemes range from 1.5 to 8%.
  • $10 for trial periods; extra charges for ongoing use. Customers can sign up for personal accounts on this platform and immediately generate daily passive revenue.

2. Affiliate program: Get Paid Heavily for Referring Friends

By sending people to the websites of cryptocurrency affiliate programs, you can make money. Signing up for an affiliate program is free. When you create an account, you’ll be given a unique URL. You can start sharing the URL on websites, blogs, forums, social media, and other places. You will get paid every time someone signs up or makes a purchase through your link. The main benefit is that you could start making money quickly. Also, even after you put in all that work, money would keep coming in for days, weeks, months, or even years. If you have a blog, a website, or a lot of followers on social media, the affiliate program can be a great way to make some decent passive income.

You can make money by letting other people know about our website. You can start making money even if you don’t put any money in. You can get up to 4.5% of their spending on each order. You can get a big referral bonus if you copy your link and send it to your friends.

3. Market NFTs

NFTs, which are “non-fungible tokens,” are unique assets kept on a digital ledger. The great thing about NFTs is that the investment you store could be worthless. You can make NFTs for anything, including videos, digital designs, photos, music, games, and GIFs.

Making an NFT is easy. You can set up an account on sites like OpenSea and then follow the step-by-step process for minting (which involves additional gas fees).

Even though NFT is a new business, it has already made more than $10 billion in sales. You can still get to that place. Just remember that making NFTs that will sell requires a time and money investment up front.

4. Crypto Games

As more people play bitcoin games online, there should be more ways to make money without doing anything. There are many crypto games, and many of them reward you for using different types of crypto.

Some games are Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Gods Unchained, Ethermon, and Pegaxy.

5. Airdrops

Crypto projects would utilize airdrops as a marketing tactic to promote their circulation and popularity before to an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This means distributing free samples of the native token of the project to potential users. As a result, before going on sale, the pass is more widely publicized and distributed.

There are many different kinds of airdrops. Just connecting your wallet earns you tokens from some, while simple actions like liking the project’s social media page are required by others. Airdrops can be a fun way to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings, even though they are unpredictable or rarely generate significant rewards.

6. Create an Account on YouTube

It’s still possible to launch a YouTube channel. Unbelievably, 74% of US citizens utilize YouTube. Such a sizable audience might be drawn for the purpose of passive income. What’s wrong? It first takes a lot of work with little to no payoff.

A well-known YouTube channel, however, has a lot of potential for passive income if you have a long-term perspective and are happy with front-loading your labor. As your audience, content, clicks, and views grow, so can your revenue through ads, affiliate sales, sponsorships, branded integrations, and other passive income streams.


If you are interested in a fresh strategy for crypto passive income, we have provided you with six simple strategies that will assist you in quickly generating a sizeable income. Start producing a large quantity of them without feeling rushed because they don’t require a lot of time. You won’t even have to break a sweat to bring in extra cash because it’s that simple.

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