How Much does AC Repair Usually Cost?

Has your AC broken down and not been cooling properly, especially during the sweltering summer
season? The thing is, your air conditioner can break down unexpectedly, catching you with surprise
repair costs. When this happens, most people are concerned about the cost of repairing their broken
AC—particularly when their repair technician doesn’t give them a quote right away.

This happens because you cannot get the actual repair costs until the technician inspects your unit
to find the source of the problem. In this post, we shall discuss the average repair costs of different
AC units to help you get ready in case you need emergency AC repairs. But first;

What determines the cost of AC repairs?

Several factors determine the cost of AC repair. The first one is the part that needs to be repaired.
The total repair costs will depend on whether your technician needs to add refrigerant or replace
certain parts. Besides, your distance from the AC repair shop can affect the cost of AC repair.

Here are two additional factors that affect the cost of AC repair:

● The age of the system – generally, ACs have an average lifespan of 15 years. Thus, AC units
do wear out with time, which affects their efficiency. Because of this, older AC units are
more costly to repair. And, even though the cause of the breakdown will affect the overall
repair costs, the age of the system does play a major role.

● Time – most AC problems tend to happen at the worst time possible. Because most people
don’t use their AC units until the summer season, this might be the cause. So, since AC
technicians know that their demand will be high during the summer season, they tend to
increase their rates. Besides, emergency repairs, especially during the night, weekends, or
holidays, can be expensive.With that said, let’s look at the average repair costs for different AC units.

Ductless mini split AC

Generally, ductless mini split AC units are more costly to repair than other AC units. The average cost
of repairing a ductless mini split AC ranges between $750 – $900. Since these AC units don’t need
ductwork to cool your space, repairs are mostly done to parts like the circuit board or the air
handler. Because these parts can cost you a fortune to repair, it’s important to invest in an extended
warranty if you have a ductless mini split AC—this can protect your system for 5+ years.

Portable AC

According to the expert technicians from Orlando AC Repair company, Hartman, the most common
issue with portable air conditioners is clogged drain. The cost of repairing this problem ranges
between $80 – $250. Portable AC units can be mounted on walls but can be moved to other rooms in
the same house.
Typically, portable AC units are cheap, making it affordable to replace them in case of a major
breakdown. Besides, there are few technicians trained to work on these units. But, if you have a
malfunctioning AC unit, consider contacting the manufacturer to determine if they can recommend
a certified service center.

Geothermal AC repair

The average cost of repairing a geothermal AC unit ranges between $200 and $700. The design of
geothermal AC units allows them to function in subterranean temperatures, thus keeping your home
cool during the summer season. Besides, these AC units have a simple design and come with an
electrically-powered heat pump, which transfers cooled air from outside to your home.
Geothermal AC units tend to develop leaks, requiring professional repair work. Any leakages should
be repaired immediately because part of the AC system is located outdoors, and you don’t want to
deal with issues of refrigerant leaks. Otherwise, geothermal AC units have minimal issues, meaning
you don’t have to worry about the repair costs.

Central AC

Common repair issues for central AC units include clogged drain lines—these cost around $200 –
$300 to repair. Besides, thermostat replacement will cost you an average of $150 – $500, while
refrigerant charge or leak repairs can cost you about $200 – $500.
Generally, central AC units are the most expensive to repair because they are complicated. However,
you can avoid these repair costs through routine maintenance. You should schedule annual
maintenance for system inspection, filter replacement, and ductwork cleaning. This will help you
avoid these costs.

Window AC

Window AC compressors tend to malfunction sometimes, and this can cost you around $50 – $125 to
repair. Besides, thermostat failure is another common issue with window AC units, which cost
around $55 – $85 to repair.
Window air conditioners are similar to portable air conditioners, but they are mounted in a window
and plugged into a regular power outlet. Window AC units are not expensive, making replacing these
units a viable option. However, if you have a high-efficiency window AC unit with higher BTUs,
repairing the system can be better than replacing it.

Bottom Line

That’s the average cost of repairing an AC. However, when you contact an AC technician, ensure that
you let them know the type, model, and brand name of AC you have in your home. Besides, let the
technician know whether your system has a valid warranty, which can help reduce your repair costs.


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