How Great World Building Adds to the Appeal of TV Shows?

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Arguably one of the most important keys to getting viewers hooked, the first episode of any new TV show must grab our attention, quicky introducing the principal characters and the world they inhabit.

Known as “world building” in production circles, the task here is to deploy various tools and methods, drawing viewers into the story and narrative being portrayed. This can include setting the tone of the location and period, utilizing accurate geographical and historical reference points, along with spoken accents and costumes worn.

Sometimes, the written word also helps viewers to understand where they are, combined with artistic visuals to provide context and background. Now, let’s take a closer look at how these methods of world building have been deployed to great effect.

Interview with the Vampire

While the 1994 movie release was good, the 2022 TV production of Interview with the Vampire is far superior, closely following the original story and narrative penned by Anne Rice in 1976. From embracing the homosexual elements of the original novel, to capturing the historic flair of New Orleans during the historic period, this version has placed great emphasis on attention to detail.

 After all, such aspects are what made Rice’s book series popular in the first place, primarily because she too hails from New Orleans, therefore, her knowledge of the city and its unique history is undoubtedly what inspires this AMC Networks production. Likewise, carefully choosing cultural reference points can make a big difference, particularly when delving into American lore and history.

This includes one scene in the very first episode, when leading characters Louis and Lestat are playing poker, given that New Orleans and Louisiana is where the card game itself originated. Intriguing details can make all the difference, just as the latest Tight Poker guide will help modern players towards optimizing their gameplay. In fact, strategy and intrigue are integral to poker, akin to the scene featuring our favorite vampires.

Carnival Row

Seemingly keen to fill our appetites for science fiction and fantasy, Prime Video is producing a wide variety of shows in these genres. Running over the course of two seasons, Carnival Row creatively establishes its own combination of steampunk period drama, with all the trappings of a fairytale story.


This inevitably features a sweeping backstory, which needs explaining, before viewers are transported into this realm shared by Humans and Fae folk. What’s more, this fantasy world bears many uncanny similarities to that of our own early 20th century history, undoubtedly influenced by the industrial “West” of Britain and the United States, as the monarchy of the Russian Empire fell and was replaced by Communism. 

The basic plot is outlined skillfully using written prompts, enhanced by captivating visuals in the background, both providing viewers with all the information they need. This method superbly feeds the viewer with everything they need to know, ahead of being transported into the opening scenes and the “present day” of the story setting itself. Sadly, we only had the opportunity to enjoy two seasons of Carnival Row, as Amazon Prime focused on other projects.

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