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Everything about Heuristic Marketing and its Need in 2023

Shopping is one of the most calming things in the world, is what few think. While for some, shopping is not at all therapeutic, it is problematic. Few are well adverse in quick shopping while few indulge in banter with the mind in confusion. So, there are different versions of a person who is shopping either online or offline. Furthermore, these behavioral traits do define a person’s shopping skills and the overall behavior of that being. Similarly, the shops or the marketing heads study the consumer behavioral pattern and likewise decide on the marketing of the product.

This study is known as decision heuristic marketing, which generally is an overall quick study of the consumer’s behavior and decides upon techniques to set the products up. Advertisers and marketers understand consumer psychology and build up decision heuristic marketing skills.

What is Heuristic marketing, and why is it needed?

Decision heuristic marketing is marketing through a mental shortcut that helps the consumers make quick decisions and solve their dilemmas quickly. After studying and observing consumer behavior, the advertisers and marketers kind of indirectly compel the consumers to buy certain products or services. This marketing system allows the consumers to shorten the decision-making time. They are, in a way, lured to buy the product or services.

For example, if one buys from a certain website, the person buys from the same website over time. Why?? Because over the period, the consumer starts to trust the website and always feels confident and comfortable shopping from there. This is how the shopper’s mind is influenced not in a bad way, though, that he/she chooses certain products or services and rely on them. There is zero mental effort involved.

Marketers and advertisers who study customer behavior and their psychology follow the heuristics of simple, efficient, mental shortcuts to lure people. They form judgments and decisions based on it to target their markets. So, if one wants to target the required audience, they need to propagate ideas to positively think about the offers. The marketers use a funny image or get a famous brand ambassador or put up some quirky or emotional advertisements to attract the consumers.

Types of Heuristic marketing:

To understand a shopper’s behavior, one needs to understand the decision-making process involved and reach the targeted consumers at the right moment and influence their decisions. The psychology of the customer is one of the important factors in heuristics.

There are 4 types of heuristics marketing steps that influence shopper behavior:

1. Availability Heuristic

This is a mental shortcut process that lures a consumer’s mind in minutes altogether—a very easy method based on what a mind perceives. The availability heuristic is a type of marketing that uses its product and services reviews to attract customers. For example, which brand of soap to buy, a customer’s mind will certainly go to the product they use.

2. Representativeness Heuristic

This is a mental shortcut process based on comparing a current situation to a representative situation. For example, to convince the customers there are objects or products representing a brand and use it to compel the customers’ minds.

3. Anchoring Heuristic

The heuristic approach of Anchoring is the effect of a prior judgment of an object. These judgments are numerical values, a probability, or a judgment morally inspired. For example, a certain product has two faceted prices, one high and one low giving the customer a choice.

4. Attribute Substitution Heuristic

When a consumer tries to purchase, he/she often questions oneself to make a purchase decision on which one to buy or not. So, the advertisers influence the consumer decisions making it easy and fast. For example, when buying a pair of shoes, no one goes on the technical aspects but the brand and price. Hence it becomes easy for marketing professionals and. Advertising agencies to pull up the socks and utilize the strategies.

Advantages of Heuristic marketing:

  1. The heuristics approach promotes timely decisions.
  2. A heuristic approaches genuine decision-making simpler and faster through various shortcuts and best calculations.
  3. There is a use of trial and error in this marketing process.
  4. The consumer’s decision may be inaccurate and not the best, but they will certainly choose the product based on their previous experience.
  5. The heuristic approach helps the managers to continue to earn profits for the company.



Marketing states that understanding the shopper’s behavior and utilizing heuristics to get a benefit out of the whole situation. The whole concept of heuristic is to get and grab the shopper’s behavior. And help them buy through necessary quick steps, know their behavior patterns, and persuade the consumers. And driving them to buy certain products is considered a decision heuristic marketing campaign. Heuristic marketing concepts are very easy and simple to take action on. And make the world a better place for the shoppers as well as the companies.

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