15 Healthy Snacks to Enjoy in Office

Getting through your 8 or 9 hours of work can be very difficult without a snack or two to help you get through the day. Many people prefer getting some snacks during their working hours instead of taking a hearty breakfast and lunch.

However, there are almost endless possibilities when it comes to options for office snacks. But it is important to opt for healthy snack options to make sure you function at your optimal productivity and efficiency. Let’s find out 15 healthy snacks options for the office.

Apple slices and nut butter

This is one of the classics and a very easy-to-prep snack you could carry to work. You can pair your apple slices with some salty and sweet nut butter. This is healthy and it will keep you full for few hours. Besides, you can try different options from peanuts and almonds to cashews.

Vegetable sticks and dip

Another classic healthy snack option is celery and carrot sticks for the nutrient and you can pain them with any dip that you like to add some more flavors to the snack. If you like you can mix some avocado with red onion and lime and make your own creamy guacamole to go with your vegetable sticks. 

Kale chips

if you are feeling to go the extra mile, you can make homemade kale chips, which make an easy and healthy snack to carry to the office with you. Kale is loaded with vitamins A, C, B, and K, it’s truly one of the healthiest snacks. If you don’t want to make kale chips at home, you can also choose from a variety of flavored and plain kale chips from a local store.

Greek yogurt

If you are looking for some low-calorie, healthy, and handy snack options for work, Greek yogurt would be an excellent option. To take the taste up a notch you can add berries, flaked almonds, some fair trade cashews, or any other fruit to your Greek yogurt.

Protein shake

A protein shake is another good office snack option, which keeps you full for a longer period. You can add your protein shake powder to the plastic protein shaker and bring it with you to work. Whenever you feel the hunger kicking in, just add water and after a little shake, your healthy snack is ready.

Nuts and seeds

One of the easiest to carry and zero preparation require snack options would be nuts and seeds. You can bring some from home or keep the small packets at your desk for a quick snack in between your meals. They are full of good fats and nutrients and they make you feel full and productive.

Banana bread

Banana bread can go really well as your afternoon or evening snack at work. It’s easy to carry and eat and you can every share it with your team members. If you are on a particular diet, you can also get no-sugar baked banana bread or vegan banana bread from a healthy food store or cafe. If you like to make it at home, you can find easy recopies online as well.

Dark chocolate

If you enjoy sweets but you also want a healthy snack, then you can switch to dark chocolate. Make sure to pick at least 75 percent dark chocolate. It will keep your sweet cravings at bay and can go really well with your afternoon or evening tea or coffee.

Cottage cheese

If you are a cheese lover, don’t worry you can enjoy your favorite cheese at the office as well. You can pack a little snack for yourself with some cheese and crackers to go with it or you can also get cheese from the store near your office building.

A piece of fruit

A lot of people often prefer keeping their office snacks as simple as possible and a fantastic option for them would be a piece of fruit. It’s delicious, healthy, and will make you feel full for a few hours. You can carry any fruit with you that you like, normally fruits like peach, apple, banana, and oranges are easy to eat. 

Roasted chickpeas

This might be new to you, but roasted chickpeas make a wholesome appetizing office snack. You can easily make roasted chickpeas at home, just spread them in a tray, toss some spice or herbs on top, and put them in the oven. You can add some paprika, rosemary, or lemon to make some delicious snacks.

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are the perfect office snack for people who are on a high-protein diet. They are easy and quick to make and you can eat them at work without much hassle. Eggs will keep you full for a long time and give your body healthy vitamins and minerals. You can also spread some salt and spices on top of your eggs to make them more delicious.


Smoothies are another handy snack option for people to enjoy at work. You can sip on your smoothie on your desk and customize it according to your taste preference and dietary requirements or limitations. There are many smoothies stores available these days with a variety of options to choose from. If you want to restrict your calorie intake, you should go for a vegetable smoothie instead of a fruit one with a lot of natural sugar. If you are looking for smoothie packs, you can take proper help from Google.


Oatcakes can be a very versatile office snack because you can customize them for your liking. You can have them on their own or add some avocado and a slice of cheese to make it a perfect mid-day snack to keep you full till dinner. You can find a wide array of oatcakes available in the local supermarkets and health food stores.

Granola bars

Often, we want to have a snack with the real substance at work, especially when we are working on an important project or preparing for a meeting. Granola bars make a delicious, healthy, and hearty snack. You can make them at home and avoid unnecessary sugar that’s typically used in high quantity in the locally available options. If you like you can also try options from healthy food stores and cafes for sugar-free options.

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