Health Benefits of Oatmeals

Oats a.k.a Avena sativa is a popular whole-grain cereal. Most people take it as a breakfast. They are like wheat. Livestock eats its natural form. Humans consume crushed, rolled, and ground oats. It is usually boiled with milk or water for consumption. The popular oats toppings are fruits. Using oats Idiyappam, Idli, cakes, cookies, and smoothies are prepared which are highly in demand.  We shall discuss here the health benefits of oatmeals.

Oats comprise 51 grams of carbohydrates and are the source of 13 grams of protein and 5 grams of fats. Apart from these oats are a source of manganese, phosphorous, copper, iron, Vitamin B1, vitamin B5, magnesium, zinc, and folate. Fiber content along with all these nutrients makes oats a perfect balanced nutritional food.

Rich in antioxidants

An abundance of polyphenols and antioxidants are available in whole oats. Avenanthramide is an essential antioxidant that is rich in oats. It reduces the risk of cardiac disease by escalating nitric oxide production. This gas molecule helps in the blood vessels’ dilation thus improving blood flow. It is well-known for its anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties. Ferulic acid is present in oats at high concentration levels which is another type of antioxidant.

Contains soluble fibre

A type of soluble fibre beta-glucan is present in oats in huge amounts. It partially dissolves in water and forms a thick, gel-like solution in the human gut. It increases the fullness feeling, increases good bacterial growth in the digestive tract, decreases LDL & total cholesterol levels, and reduces blood sugar & insulin response are the health benefits of beta-glucan fibre.

Research has proven that regular eating of oats reduces bad cholesterol by 7%. Thus, it is a healthy breakfast for heart patients.

Helps in weight loss

Fibre-rich oats fill the tummy more quickly than other non-fiber eatables. They tend to release glucose slowly in the blood and it keeps one filled satiated for a long time. Mainly it prevents one from binge-eating. People who eat oats regularly can see gradual weight loss. It also works against abdominal fat. Since pre-packed flavored oats are filled with heavy sugar content, they will spoil your weight loss plans.

Energy Booster

Since oats are rich in carbohydrates it is considered an ideal breakfast option. The presence of high amounts of vitamin B is the overall energy element in oats. Oats keep you filled due to the presence of fibre components so that you can feel fewer energy dumps.

Improves sleep quality

Melatonin which is important for quality sleep is produced by eating oats regularly. Serotonin produced from oats keeps you stress-free. An amino acid Tryptophan present in oats has sedative properties. So, the consumption of oats induces and improves your sleep pattern.

Glows the skin

Zinc-rich oatmeals are important to fight against pimples. It aids to absorb the excess oil on the skin which is a key part of acne treatments. Zinc even treats dry and itchy skin with the presence of beta-glucan which is a natural moisturizer. Oats also work as an effective anti-tanning agent which helps to lighten the skin.

Stops constipation

As oats are a rich source of both soluble & insoluble fibre, bowel movement is well-regulated and thus constipation is prevented. Adding oats to the daily diet keeps the constipation issue at bay. Always eat oats in the nighttime to ease your morning defecation.

Controls blood sugar

Diabetics are advised to consume oatmeals once a day as it can stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the type-2 diabetes risk. The presence of complex carbs and high fibre slow down the conversion of whole food to simple sugars. The beta-glucan in oats delays the fall in blood sugar levels before meals and slows down the rise after meals. Thus, oatmeals help diabetics in controlling blood sugar levels.

Reduces cancer risk

According to the American Cancer Society, lignan, the compound which prevents cardio disease also helps to reduce the chances of hormone-related cancers like ovarian, prostate, and breast cancers. So, eating oats is good for both women and men.

Enhances bone health

Silicon is essential for skeletal health and is abundantly present in oatmeals. Women with postmenopausal, osteoporosis benefit from eating oats regularly. It makes the bones stronger.

Improves hair health

Oats even bring you healthy hair. It helps in treating an itchy scalp and absorbs excess oil. It treats dandruff well. Mixing the powdered oats with yogurt and applying it to the hair not only removes dandruff but also keeps the hair silky and fresh. It controls hair fall by strengthening hair follicles. Overall, oats moisturize the scalp and keep hair bouncy and shiny. Thus, the health benefits of oatmeals are uncountable.

Oats for babies

A high amount of Iron, Zinc, Fibre, and Magnesium is present in oats. For growing children, all vitamins and nutrients are important. It not only benefits adults in many ways but also helps babies with their healthy growth. Oats act as a natural laxative, promote fullness, and ease digestion in babies.

Oats are available in different forms such as oat bran, rolled, steel-cut, Scottish and instant oats. However, the best form of oat is steel-cut oats because it is made by chopping oat grains using steel blades, thus keeping endosperm, germ intact, and bran. The steel-cut oats are the least processed and they contain maximum nutritional value.


Oatmeal’s regarded as the healthiest grain on the globe. They contain energy, vitamins and minerals, and oxidants that provide numerous health benefits. Some of you may be allergic to gluten, thus you can give a try to gluten-free oats. There are numerous ways of consuming oats. oatmeal always keep you hale and healthy and above all this is the easiest breakfast and snacking option. Maintain your health with a cup of oatmeal daily.

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