Maca Root: Origin and Health Benefits

Lepidium Meyenii – more commonly known as maca root, has been grown in the Peruvian Andes for thousands of years. It is a super vegetable known for its medicinal purposes and has become popular in countries all around the world. In this article, we take a look at the precise origins and health benefits of maca root so you know what to expect from this super popular product.

The origins of maca root

Grown at heights of more than 4,000 meters, the maca root is native to the Peruvian Andes. Maca root has been cultivated by Andean farmers for 2,000 years, and they have been aware of its medicinal properties for a similar length of time. When it was first cultivated, maca root was enjoyed exclusively as food. After all, it’s a relative of broccoli and cauliflower and is classed as a cruciferous vegetable. In early Andean cuisine, maca root formed a key part of porridge or a specific fermented drink, and it was used as a treatment for some respiratory issues. In the present day, maca root is grown in different parts of the world, with the Yunnan Province in China responsible for a large proportion of global production.

The benefits of maca root

Research suggests that the bioactive compounds in maca root – a range of alkaloids and glucosinolates – are responsible for the health benefits of this popular vegetable. Specifically, maca root is known to have the following health benefits:

Improved energy levels and mood

For a long time now, maca root has been known to improve mood and enhance energy levels. Small studies have discovered promising results showing the benefits of maca root to people living at high altitudes. Thanks to its mood-boosting properties, Sons has included maca root as one of the key ingredients in their Immune Health Supplement.

Increased libido

There is also scientific evidence to show that maca root can lead to increased libido, particularly for people who have low sexual desire. For instance, one study found that maca root supplementation improved the libido of women taking antidepressants, but further study is required to affirm the benefits of maca root in this regard.

Improved fertility

Some studies have also discovered that maca root can enhance sperm concentration in men. A groundbreaking study found that taking just 2 grams of maca root over a period of three months considerably improved their sperm concentration. Again, the research is promising, but further studies are required before conclusions can be drawn.

How long does maca root take to work?

Most people need to take maca root consistently for a period of between six and twelve weeks to see its health benefits, as most studies have been able to show results around the three-month mark. Whether you’re taking maca root as a supplement or including it as an ingredient in your home cooking, remember to consume it consistently if you’re hoping to see the desired results. Missing days with your supplement or reverting to bad habits in terms of your diet will hinder the likelihood of maca root is effective.

In addition to a range of other carefully selected ingredients, maca root is an essential component of Sons’ Immune Health Supplement, which provides health-conscious men with an immunity boost. Check out Sons’ treatment plans if you’re interested in exploring the benefits of maca root further.


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