How to Make Fennel Seed Drink? Know Its Health Benefits

Keep yourself cool this summer with fennel sorbet. Here we will tell you about a drink that not only help hydrate, but also help detox the body and reduces weight. This item is available in our kitchen.

We drink cold drinks, most of which are harmful to our body. Many research has revealed that the beverages from the market are bad for our health. We should incorporate natural and home beverages into our regular routines as much as possible.

You may have had a variety of summer drinks. So, you should try this one: 

Fennel is beneficial in summer

People usually use fennel as a mouth freshener, but in the summer season, fennel is considered to be as beneficial as chewing, which is as good for health as it is. It cools the body by protecting you from heat waves, and it contains a lot of anti-oxidants that benefit your health in many ways. Not only that, if the use of fennel drink is done regularly in the summer, it can also curb the growing fat.

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Making fennel Sorbet is easy

Making fennel drink is quite simple but you need to make some preparations in advance.
Ingredients for sorbet:

1/4 cup – powder of fennel seeds 
1 tbsp – dry black raisins
2 tbsp – white rock sugar
1 teaspoon – lemon juice (optional)
2 cups – water


First, finely grind the fennel seeds.
Then soak the crushed powder in water for about two to three hours.
Soak the black raisins in water for two to three hours.
Once the powder is drenched, drain the water with the help of a sieve.
Grind the raisins in a mixer and fine it in the same bowl. Mix well.
Add sugar in the bowl and mix well.
You can also put a drop of lemon juice as desired.
So take your fennel seed sorbet.

Fennel can cure many problems of the body. Fennel is an Ayurvedic medicine which is kept in almost every kitchen. Fennel seeds are a rich source of fiber, anti-oxidant and minerals etc. These are all important enough to burn fat. Fennel is a rich source of fiber that helps keep your stomach full for longer.

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