Health as a Human Right Essay

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Every human being deserves to have standard health care as their fundamental right. The privilege to have good health care, however, does not depend on a person’s political belief, religion, or social or economic condition.

Despite all these aspects, you will still have to look for standard health care to live a safe life. Health institutions have struggled to develop new health techniques to achieve standard health care in society. Modern health techniques use advanced technology to overcome challenges medical institutions face when ensuring good health care in the community. 

Institutions such as the world health organization, which operates globally, are examples of an organization with the mandate to ensure good health care. The organization strives to provide everyone with standard health care as a fundamental right. 

Since its formation about 70 years ago, the organization has greatly impacted universal healthcare coverage. The organization focuses on ensuring that every person across the world gets access to good health services as their right. This helps individuals to get health services every time they need them and avoid suffering from any hardship caused by poor health. 

For instance, according to the World Health Organization, you need not fall sick and sometimes lose your life just because you are poor. You have a right to get standard health care despite your financial status. On the other hand, getting good health care also includes your lifestyle hygiene. 

To live a happy lifestyle with standard health care, you must consider other critical hygiene practices, such as sanitation. It would help if you also consume treated and safe water for drinking or cooking your food. In addition, you also need to consume nutritious food full of a balanced diet comprising proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. 

When consumed, the components of a balanced diet in food, such as vitamins, will help your body fight different infections and keep it resistant to diseases. Standard health care is also achieved by providing adequate housing for reliable shelter and protection. 

You need to have a good house that can protect you from exposure to different environmental conditions, which may put you at risk of contracting infections. It would help if you also got educated on how to have standard health care. This makes education an essential aspect of living a healthy life. Without education, you will not be able to apply newly develops tools that improve your health care. 

Having a good and safe working environment also contributes to good health care. Therefore, you need to ensure where you work does not expose you to poor health conditions. For instance, when working in less hygienic places, you risk contracting many infections. 

To avoid contracting the disease, you must ensure the working place is in good condition and safe. When you have a right to good health, you also need to take care of yourself. For instance, you need to take care of your body and protect it from diseases as much as possible. This includes protecting yourself when engaging in sexual activities. 

For instance, wearing protection during sexual intercourse and protecting your reproductive organs from contracting diseases is also part of good health care. It would help if you also were free from discrimination or violence. Such actions lead to injuries you need not face when practicing good health care. 

When it comes to getting access to medical services, everyone has to protect their privacy. This means you must be treated with dignity and respect despite your health or financial status. For this reason, no one should be forced to take a medical examination or undergo any medical experience forcefully. You should also not allow anyone to administer drugs without informed consent. 

The WHO puts more effort into ensuring no discrimination by promoting the people-centered care idea in health sectors. When the discrimination among patience is minimized, there will be reduced mental health problems caused by stigmatization among people. If someone gives you a chance to assist in their health care, you must highly respect their health care rights. This includes ensuring their health conditions remain confidential. 

Exposing a person’s health status always lowers the dignity of people and may lead to discrimination. Therefore, when it comes to offering good health care, there is still a long way to go. The process is still long until we will ensure everyone gets good medical care as their basic right.


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