These Are the Funniest Snapchat Filters You Can Use in 2023

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Do you want to have fun with your friends in strange, striking, and new things? Well, what better than using the funniest Snapchat filters? Snapchat is now very popular worldwide, and its use is increasing gradually.

If you don’t know how to use it to find those filters that have been viralized on other social networks, don’t worry. Here we will show you the 5 funniest Snapchat filters you can use in 2023!

5 funniest Snapchat filters in 2023

Before we show you the filters in question, you need to download and install the latest version of the app on your mobile. You should update it from Google Play Store or App Store if you already have it installed.

Advanced age

You no longer need to use an image editor to know what you would look like if you were old. Thanks to the “Old Age” filter from Snapchat, you can see your appearance if you are over 70. The result obtained using this effect is extremely funny.

Check the advanced-age Snapchat filter

Bald head

Do you still have beautiful hair? If your answer is “yes” and you want to know your appearance if you were bald, this is today’s best filter. It is magical because from one moment to the next, you will be bald and have a big beard.

Have a look at the Bald head filter on Snapchat

Worrying look

If you like those piercing and weird looks, this Snapchat filter will immediately make you laugh for several minutes. Further, the effect includes a rare jaw that seems to have been taken from the mythical character in the Family Guy series (Peter Griffin).

Have a close look at worrying look Snapchat filter

Evil cheeks

Evil Snapchat filter cheeks

Who used the face of an English Bulldog to make this filter? This is what we ask ourselves when using it. The reality is that the first time this effect is used, it is practically impossible to contain the laughter.

You can’t stop your laughter when you look into the evil cheek Snapchat filter

Crazy eyes and crazy tongue

Last but not least, one of the funniest filters ever seen on Snapchat in the past few months comes. The same what it does is drive the eyes crazy, as well as turns your tongue non-stop ¡It is hilarious!

Take a close look at the crazy eyes Snapchat filter

With nothing more to add, in case your mobile is not compatible with Snapchat, you can use your PC to test all these filters.


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