The Best Exercise for Hand Healing After an Injury

Hand injuries usually come with their challenges. Hand injuries can be discomforted when combined with the pain that comes with suffering from an injury. In cases like these, working with experts or hand surgeons will help to ease the pain while healing from the damage quickly.

The hand therapy in Melbourne is qualified experts who perform recuperative surgeries that will help their patients resume their everyday lifestyles. The steps provided are simple and can enable any patient to recover steadily and less painfully. Depending on the level of injury, dedicating time to do one or more of these exercises can increase the rate of healing and flexibility of the hand.

Hand Exercises

For patients suffering from particular hand ailments, going for hand therapy in Melbournesurgeons, or their physical therapists to decide the best physical therapy routine is crucial. Hand exercising plays a vital role in the hand recovery process. The exercises discussed below are some of the most regularly suggested activities. There are also unique exercises for individuals looking for ways to improve their hand mobility

Making a Fist

This sounds simple, and it will be with exemplary efforts. Start the process by gradually stretching the hand and then making a fist.

Finger Stretch

Put the hand in a normal position and on a flat surface for this exercise; while steadily straightening the fingers. Let the fingers stay in that position for about a minute, and then switch the hands.

Finger Lift

To go around this exercise, which significantly aids in improving flexibility, lay the injured hand flat on the table and gradually lift every finger individually. Continue repeating this exercise about 8-12 times for each hand.

Thumb Touch

Position the hand in a good spot and gently stretch each finger individually to touch the thumb. This will significantly aid in improving flexibility.

Claw Stretch

With this exercise, start by putting the palm to face out; next, position the fingers in a claw-like position for about 30 – 60 seconds.

Grip Strengthening

This exercise requires a grip-strengthening ball. Squeeze the ball firmly and hold her for a couple of seconds before leaving it. Do this process about 10 – 15 times with one hand.

Pinch Strengthening

Use a soft foam ball for this exercise. Using the ball, pinch the soft foam ball amid the tip of one of the fingers and thumbs. Do this exercise for about a minute while repeating the process about 10 to 15 times.

Wrist Extension – Use A Towel For This Demonstration

Raise the wrist by putting it on a folded towel with the hand slacking over the edge. Move the hand in an up and down motion, taking the palm downwards before taking it upwards.

Wrist Movement – Use A Towel For This Demonstration

Like the wrist extension exercise, place the wrist on a folded towel, but this time, move the hand in a sideward position with the thumb pointing upwards. Next, wave the hand upwards and downwards via the complete motion range.

Final Word

Before exercising, it is essential to discuss it with a physical therapist to determine if it is the proper exercise to improve the hand’s healing process.


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