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What Evidence Can Be Considered for A DUI Lawsuit?

In case of DUI, the injured person may file a claim or a lawsuit so that he can recover his losses. To build a strong case, it is important to gather as many pieces of evidence as you can. This way, you can get compensated for your losses and damages. It is a good idea to hire a Monroe DUI defense lawyer because he has in-depth knowledge and experience. He can guide you better on what documents should be submitted to strengthen the case.

Burden of Proof 

The burden of proof lies on the person, who is seeking compensation for his losses. The injured person has to submit proof showing that the negligence of the driver caused the accident and hence, injuries. Some of the documents are medical reports, evidence from the accident scene, and police reports. 

Obtaining Evidence from the Accident 

It should be noted that the injured person could obtain the evidence from the accident spot. A police report created right after the accident can be the best document showing that the driver has consumed alcohol or drug at the time of the accident. Other documents include photos and videos, the driver’s car number, and the contact information of the bystanders. You can also ask people if they are ready to become an eyewitness of the accident.

Evidence for Car and Property Damages

You must click photos of your damaged car with the help of your mobile phone. If you are not in a position to do so, you can ask others to do it for you. If the pavement or any other public property has been damaged, you must have the details as well. Your personal belongings such as your mobile phone and laptop may have been damaged in a Dui accident. They all will serve as evidence in your case.

Evidence for Injuries

Your injuries will make the most of your claim amount. Therefore, you should have the complete details of what you want to get compensated for. Your medical reports, bills, tests, and scans along with the doctor’s notes will play a significant role when you file a claim with the insurance company or a lawsuit in court. You should have all these documents up-to-date if you want to get a fair amount.

Your car accident lawyer will be able to maximize your claim amount by submitting the right documents. He also ensures that the claim is error-free.

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